Arjun Chandrasekhar

Arjun Chandrasekhar hails from Palakkad of Kerala. He is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and keeps a passion for writing from his childhood. His first work of fiction, titled The Sophomore Saints: A Himalayan Tale was published in 2015.

The Concept of God by Vinoth

There are many features of Vinoth's writing that makes this book worth your time: clarity of argument, deep knowledge of the belief systems he interacts with, a smattering of powerful illustrations and quotations, and a compelling presentation of the God who provides realistic and compelling answers to life’s issues.

Antara Sarkar

Antara Sarkar is a dynamic person with a vision of a beautiful society, where people courageously follow their dreams, are supportive towards a common...

Mayur Sarfare

Mayur Sarfare is an Indian author. He is a Professor of Mass Media with a keen interest in creative writing. His range of subjects include Understanding Cinema, Content Writing and Media laws.

Karthick Hemabhushana

Karthick Hemabushanam is a software engineer by profession, but fell in love with writing. He was nominated as the Author of the Year, 2018 by StoryMirror for his contribution to the Writing World. His latest fantasy fiction book 'Daredevil Dreams' was published by Leadstart Publishing.

Mallikarjun B Mulimani

Mallikarjun Mulimani is a versatile writer. He writes novellas, novels, long and short poems including haikus. His books and style of writing, where brevity...

The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith (Cormoran Strike #2)

In Silkworm, Robert Galbraith, I meant J K Rowling, has nailed the magic formula of a good detective story once again. Here there are a host of suspects, all of whom have read the author's libelous and disturbing final novel.