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Four Ways How Reading Makes You a Better Writer

No matter what skill you want to master, you should know what you’re doing, and writing is no exception. Although the connection between reading and writing is rather obvious, many people still forget how important reading is for developing strong writing skills. People who love to read books can learn a lot from them and use these examples to improve their own writing.

The Best Apps for Book Lovers

While most book lovers are of the mind to only read the paper text, it is widely uncommon that a paper book will always be handy. These apps for book lovers have undeniably made the cut as the web's favorites for 2020.

The Best Historical Fiction Books that will make you travel through time

Typically, historical fiction books are written about 30–50 years after the event has taken place. The read historical events and the time period of the book play as crucial of a role in the story as any character or plot twist.

The Most anticipated books published in 2020 so far…

As the pandemic caused by CoronaVirus rages across the globe, all means of economy growth has slowed or stopped. Publishing industry was also interrupted and many book launches were postponed to the future(!).  This list includes includes novels published from January 1st till now and will be updated regularly.

An Anti-Racist Reading List: Highly Rated Non-fiction Books by Black Authors

The booklist below includes a combination of titles that educate about racism, antiracism, white fragility, and more. In that vein, we've gathered antiracist nonfiction books, memoirs, and histories on the subject of race, written by black authors. While by no means a comprehensive list, these books are a decent place to begin.

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