Tomorrow’s End by G R Morris

Tomorrow's End is a pretty straightforward page-turner that mixes old-fashioned space opera and noir storytelling, with an appropriate amount of political intrigue thrown in there, and some violence for good measure.

The Deal in Akmud by Ekta Sinha

Imaginative writing, a memorable setting, a mystery that will keep you on your toes, and a village filled with unusual and unexplained things that is bound to have you pondering the story long after you put it down.

The Forerunner Series by Jay Veloso Batista | Books 1-2-3

The Forerunner series has everything and more that I like in a good book: characters you can sink your teeth into, that are fully developed and multifaceted; romance; violence, but not without purpose; excellent pacing, with lots of twists and turns in the plot; drama, drama, and more drama; power struggles and intrigue.

Pentias – Master of the Elemental Jewels by Karthika Sanjeev

Title: Pentias - Master of the Elemental Jewels Author: Karthika Sanjeev Publisher: Clever Fox Publishing Genre: Children's Adventure, Fantasy First Publication: 2022 Language:¬†English   Book Summary: Pentias - Master of the...
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The Last Keeper by J V Hilliard

J V Hilliard's The Last Keeper is a huge opening act to The Warminster Series which took every single one of these elements of a good fantasy story and elevated the art of storytelling to a different league.

As Thick As Thieves by Kieron Holland

As Thick As Thieves by Kieron Holland is a rich story filled with its very history, adventure and detailed plot. Once you get into its world, it's very hard to come back.

Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi

My impressions of the book varied over the course of reading it. Of the four parts, I found the first part the least engaging and the central character rather bland. Especially the beginning, where too many characters were introduced, building of the backdrop simultaneously and establishing relationships between the characters, made it a little exhausting and confusing to read.

American Stonehenge by Mike Goldstein

When it came to the plot though, Mike Goldstein seems a master story teller. American Stonehenge is an adventure in its kind; rare and special. The writing in this novel composed a pure and honest orchestra of notes and tones clearly woven together into an intricate and tight plot, reflecting a flawed world and characters stripped of pretence, leaving them raw and savage before a chaotic and uncertain future.
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Starfall by Drew Harrison

Starfall by Drew Harrison is a murder mystery that also happens to be a dystopian/science fiction novel. The story is set in a city called New Phoenix in the year 2153.

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