Kindling by Kanika Singhal

From an excellently imaginative world full of supernatural beings to emotional responsiveness flooding through friendship, sibling love, and heartache, this fantasy novel has all the necessary ingredients of a classic adventure.

A Grave of Flowers by Priscylla Attler

A Grave of Flowers contains a cast made up of several diverse characters, which is always something wonderful to see represented in fantasy fiction! Priscylla is meticulous as she constructs a complicated world, and although she does explain some details, she avoids giving away too much information to the reader.

Circle of Ash by Sterling Magleby

Title: Circle of AshAuthor: Sterling MaglebySeries: The Solace Cycle Book #1Publisher: Independently publishedGenre: Fantasy, AdventureFirst Publication: 2022Language: English  Book Summary: Circle of Ash by Sterling Magleby By the...

The Last Ritual: Dawn of Darkness by Sadath Ali

In The Last Ritual, the author does an excellent job of bringing the villain Rasputin's terror to life by skillfully building suspense and creating a terrifying atmosphere.
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Reign by Elliot Foree

The scope of Reign by Elliot Foree is majestic, brimming with detail and ideas and teeming with characters, languages, and perspectives. Elliot Foree deftly navigates her way through a thorny and twisted tale of morality, anguish, and trauma—taking elements of fantasy...

The Devil Pulls the Strings by J.W. Zarek

The Devil Pulls the Strings is a hauntingly beautiful novel that will stay with you forever! Life is often full of beauty and joy. But life can also be cruel and painful at times. In this book, author Joe Zarek embodies both the wonderful and terrible aspects of life.

Tomorrow’s End by G R Morris

Tomorrow's End is a pretty straightforward page-turner that mixes old-fashioned space opera and noir storytelling, with an appropriate amount of political intrigue thrown in there, and some violence for good measure.

The Deal in Akmud by Ekta Sinha

Imaginative writing, a memorable setting, a mystery that will keep you on your toes, and a village filled with unusual and unexplained things that is bound to have you pondering the story long after you put it down.
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The Forerunner Series by Jay Veloso Batista | Books 1-2-3

The Forerunner series has everything and more that I like in a good book: characters you can sink your teeth into, that are fully developed and multifaceted; romance; violence, but not without purpose; excellent pacing, with lots of twists and turns in the plot; drama, drama, and more drama; power struggles and intrigue.

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