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Eternal Benefits of Joining Book Club

You might think that reading groups are simply an arena for book worms to indulge in their favorite passion or for you to have enjoyable argument about your favorite story or characters with like-minded individuals, but there are more lifelong benefits of joining book club than you realize. Here I'm pointing out a few of many benefits of joining book club.

What is Book Club? and various types of Book Club

If you are a bibliophile and admire books  and reading is your hobby and  first love, then different types of Book Clubs could be one of the best place to encourage your hobby. There you’ll meet like-minded individuals and you can have regular discussions about books and authors you’ve read, and will get a lot of recommendation for new books and authors.


The business of bestselling books in India by Ahmed Faiyaz

Ahmed Faiyaz has real concerns over the malaise that has spread though the publishing business where well written, engaging books written by talented writer

Author Interview: Nitasha Devasar

In a freewheeling conversation with Nitasha Devasar, Managing Director of Taylor & Francis India and South Asia, we ask her about her new book...



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The Lady Who Came From The Sun by K. Hopper

Title: The Lady Who Came From The Sun Author: K. Hopper Publisher: Independently published Genre: Picture Books, Children's Literature, Philosophy First Publication: 2020 Language: English   Book Summary: The Lady Who Came From...

Four Ways How Reading Makes You a Better Writer

No matter what skill you want to master, you should know what you’re doing, and writing is no exception. Although the connection between reading and writing is rather obvious, many people still forget how important reading is for developing strong writing skills. People who love to read books can learn a lot from them and use these examples to improve their own writing.

The Housewife by Aarti

Title: The Housewife Author: Aarti Publisher: The Write Place Genre: Crime Thriller First Publication: 2020 Language: English   Book Summary: The Housewife by Aarti This story of a model housewife, Ava, and her best...

The World Against Pandemic by Harish Ankadala

It is a biomedical, microbiological and terrifying trip to tiny super-predators and some thoughts about how they may evolve and be (mis)used. It is well-researched scientific, but without science jargon, study on how COVID-19 started, what warnings were ignored, and how we can do better in the future.

Quaker by Rohan Singhvi

Title: Quaker Author: Rohan Singhvi Publisher: Blue rose publishers Genre: Action, Crime Thriller First Publication: 2020 Language: English   Book Summary: Quaker by Rohan Singhvi A few madmen. A well-rehearsed plan. One common goal: Vengeance. Rick believes...