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A Slice of Life by Smita Das Jain

A Slice Of Life is a collection of dazzling short-stories by Smita Das Jain which portrays distressed hearts and confused minds that are struggling in unknown situations, striving to accept strange ways of life while clutching the bag of their emotional baggage close to their hearts and ending up in those neverlands where they find themselves still slightly apart from the place where they now belong.

Not Today by David E Feldman | Dora’s Rage Series Book #1

Title: Not Today Author: David E Feldman Series: Dora's Rage Book #1 Publisher: Eface Media Genre: Crime Mystery, Action Thriller First Publication: 2021 Language: English   Book Summary: Not Today by David E Feldman Sanitation...

AgniBaan : Guardians of the Fire Chamber by S. Venkatesh

Built around two interwoven stories, one from the 535 CE and one present day, the book is set in Egypt, US and India. Author S Venkatesh mixes a decent understanding of folklore and history and came up with a great conspiracy in this fast paced quest for the AgniBaan.

Love Secrets Lies by Teresa Vale

Love Secrets Lies is fascinating, heart-breaking, searingly honest narration told in the face of extremes of life. It's a story of an African girl who comes of age during the revolutionary years in a country gripped in the stranglehold of dictatorship, tradition, rampant poverty and unemployment, and the seemingly ubiquitous curse of being a girl in paternalistic society.

Hinduism: Ritual, Reason and Beyond by Ashok Mishra

It summarizes Hinduism and the Hindus, looks at its history tracing the genesis of Hinduism, while also giving an overview of karma, the Four Vedas, Puranas, the Upanishads, the Yajnas, its encounter with Buddhism, its transformation into idol worshiping religion with many gods, meditation, rituals, mantras etc.

Petals & Embers by Teertha Anil

Through Petals & Embers, Teertha Anil makes you grateful for your love of reading because it makes you understand how powerful words can be.

Mortal Crisis by Dr Diwakar Bansal

This book takes medical mysteries to extreme levels and that’s what made it such a fun read. The mystery that serves as the center of the plot is filled with enough dread and is enough to leave you excited for the grand reveal.

After the End by Joshua Scher

With the slew of dystopian and post apocalyptic novels coming out, you can only imagine how refreshing it is to stumble upon a truly refreshing, incredibly well created novel about a killer virus. After the End by Joshua Scher is such a visually powerful but slow methodical reading experience.

A Book Inside You? By Danish Sayanee

Even if you harbor no aspirations to writing, 'A Book Inside You?' offers a warm, illuminating and entertaining look at some of the things writers go through, provides some insight into the process of writing, and some of the challenges writers confront.

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