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Digital Belonging by Yogesh Soni

In Digital Belonging, Yogesh Soni integrates the most recent findings from the fields of motivation, creativity, organisational behaviour, neuroscience, and management to uncover the factors that actually contribute to our performance in our professional lives.

A Grave of Flowers by Priscylla Attler

A Grave of Flowers contains a cast made up of several diverse characters, which is always something wonderful to see represented in fantasy fiction! Priscylla is meticulous as she constructs a complicated world, and although she does explain some details, she avoids giving away too much information to the reader.

Circle of Ash by Sterling Magleby

Title: Circle of AshAuthor: Sterling MaglebySeries: The Solace Cycle Book #1Publisher: Independently publishedGenre: Fantasy, AdventureFirst Publication: 2022Language: English  Book Summary: Circle of Ash by Sterling Magleby By the...

Still, the Sky by Tom Pearson

Poems emanate an overwhelming affection for life, the world, and the transient quality of existence. Tom Pearson digs deeper into the mythology in order to have a firmer hold on the present, and when he does so, the roots of his memories and the feelings of longing that they evoke form the foundation of his intellectual architecture.
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Marty and Lenny by Tania Woznicki

The book Marty and Lenny by Tania Woznicki is a heart-warming tale about the power of being good to others. The friends have a great dynamic that kids can learn from. They can also see the value of friendship and how a good friend's influence can improve another's life.

Why Should I Worry When I Can Face The World? by Shibu Nair

Shibu Nair shows you, via kind and encouraging advice and recommendations, how to make your actions more peaceful and compassionate, which has the extra advantage of making your life more stress-free and tranquil. This book is a joy to read since it's so straightforward and easy to understand.

Master O: An epic of the future by Dhiraj Singh

The novel Master O by Dhiraj Singh raises serious questions regarding the future of mankind and our place in the universe. Pain and cruelty, moral responsibility, human identity, and human interference with nature are relevant subjects in today's time.

That Valentine’s Day by Ishita Bhuyan

A sparkling breath of fresh air, That Valentine's Day captures the spirit of friendship in the most charming and sauciest manner possible. Breaking the age-old mould with insouciance, Ishita Bhuyan creates a world where it is possible for five friends, as different as chalk and cheese, to form a deeply satisfying friendship.
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Vismriti: The art of forgetting by Naina Kaur

The mother-daughter connection and a series of secrets that turn out to have stormy ramifications are at the centre of the family drama written by Naina Kaur. This ferocious and breathtaking tale follows the lives of two strong women: the compassionate Noor and her daughter Ira.

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