Historical Fiction

Hundred Beam Bridge by Ted Marr

Explore "Hundred Beam Bridge" by Ted Marr in this comprehensive book review. This historical fiction masterpiece takes you on a journey through Chinese history, offering a rich cultural immersion and an epic family saga. Discover the intricate character portraits, meticulous historical research, and the engaging multi-generational narrative that makes this book a must-read.

The Legend of Bahirji Naik – Siege of Panhala by Shreyas Bhave

Delve into the captivating historical fiction "The Legend of Bahirji-Naik: Siege of Panhala" by Shreyas Bhave. Explore the audacious world of Maratha history, guerilla warfare, and diplomacy during a critical juncture. Uncover the unsung heroes who played pivotal roles in shaping destinies.

Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano

Ann Napolitano's latest novel Hello Beautiful is a poignant and emotionally complex family drama that explores the relationships between four sisters and the ripple effects of trauma across generations.

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus tells the story of one woman’s journey pursuing her dreams in 1960s America, when society severely limiting the roles available to women. Published in 2022, this debut novel instantly became a sensation for its vivid characters, gripping plot, and fascinating blend of science and social commentary.
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Panajpur Express by Prem L. Nain

"Panajpur Express" by Prem L. Nain is a wonderful historical fiction that brilliantly captures the complexities of life in colonial India. Through the story of a young lawyer facing discrimination and corruption, Nain explores themes of justice, identity, and the struggle for power in a society in transition.

Bliss of Childhood by Pushpak Sarkar

Bliss of Childhood is a rich and nuanced exploration of a number of major themes, each of which contributes to the novel's deep resonance and emotional impact. At the heart of the story is the coming-of-age experience, as Tito grapples with the challenges of growing up amidst political turmoil and societal upheaval.

1871: Rivers on Fire by Paul Buchheit

Against the backdrop of the Great Chicago Fire and The Peshtigo Fire, "1871: Rivers on Fire" offers a historical fiction narrative that vividly captures the event's spirit and devastation while exploring the personal stories of its characters.

Vectors in the Void by Giselle Mehta

Set in India, before and after the independence of the country, Vectors in the Void follows Zara as she grows from a carefree girl to a mature lady through the course of many historical events
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Fugitive Dreams by Ramsey Hanhan

Fugitive Dreams by Ramsey Hanhan was like a muffled scream. A scream that comes from the mouths of an entire generation. A generation, lost in time and space, of a handful of Palestinian men, women, and children who have migrated to a distant land with a distant dream.

The Final Days of Doggerland by Mike Meier

The Final Days of Doggerland will transport you back to a time before automobiles and computers, before women's rights and civil rights, and into a fascinating realm of what the world may have been like before the modern age.

The Casebook of Qing and Xmucane by B E L Coulson

The Casebook of Qing and Xmucane is an outstanding example of the classic whodunit genre; it is very well written and has an original setting, in addition to a cast of memorable characters.

Chronicles of the Lost Daughters by Debarati Mukhopadhyay

Chronicles of the Lost Daughters, which was originally written in Bengali as "Narach" and has since become a best-selling book, vividly depicts the magnificence and depravity of Bengal during the late nineteenth century under British colonial rule.
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