Marco, Pablo, & Olivia by Ana Cortes

Keeping her vocabulary simple, author Ana Cortes builds the world of Marco, Pablo, & Olivia with admirable skill. You instantly understand the relationship between the siblings from the start. Then there's the writing itself. Ana’s phrasings are beautifully worked throughout the text, and there are funny moments, both visual and evident in the text.

Turn a Blind Eye by Jeffrey Archer

The events of "Turn a Blind Eye" by Jeffrey Archer begin immediately after the climax of the previous volume, Hidden in Plain Sight. Now in the year 1987, William Warwick has been promoted to the position of Detective Inspector.

Hidden in Plain Sight by Jeffrey Archer

The premise of Hidden in Plain Sight is, of course, very fantastic, with the squad focusing on the investigation of a drug lord while also tackling some unfinished business from the Art and Antiquities Squad.

Fugitive Dreams by Ramsey Hanhan

Fugitive Dreams by Ramsey Hanhan was like a muffled scream. A scream that comes from the mouths of an entire generation. A generation, lost in time and space, of a handful of Palestinian men, women, and children who have migrated to a distant land with a distant dream.
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Juiced: A Whidbey Adventure by Ted Mulcahey

Juiced by Ted Mulcahey was a compelling, charming, fun, cozy read and a perfect escape. Excellent characters, a captivating mystery, and humour liberally placed throughout kept me entertained from beginning to end.

Kindling by Kanika Singhal

From an excellently imaginative world full of supernatural beings to emotional responsiveness flooding through friendship, sibling love, and heartache, this fantasy novel has all the necessary ingredients of a classic adventure.

The Final Days of Doggerland by Mike Meier

The Final Days of Doggerland will transport you back to a time before automobiles and computers, before women's rights and civil rights, and into a fascinating realm of what the world may have been like before the modern age.

The Unproposed Guy by Bhavik Sarkhedi

The Unproposed Guy focuses on more than just love and affection. This is a journey of self-discovery, loss, forgiveness, and trusting others, as well as the bonds of friendship, and it will tear your heart, but the hopeful, heart-warming, and beautiful conclusion will help you mend it.
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The Casebook of Qing and Xmucane by B E L Coulson

The Casebook of Qing and Xmucane is an outstanding example of the classic whodunit genre; it is very well written and has an original setting, in addition to a cast of memorable characters.

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