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Welcome To The Bookish Elf.

“The Bookish Elf is a person with  magical capability of reading ceaselessly and tirelessly. And whose ‘TBR’ list growth is more than physical growth.” 

The Bookish Elf is all about the passion for books and reading, knowledge and perception. We are a small group of readers who want the world to know what we read and what they should read.

We read from morning to evening, from the dawn to the dusk; and we read whenever we get free time from work. And we write when we have enough of the reading. We read the books, the blogs, and almost anything we get our hands on. We might have lost ourselves in pages of books years ago, and to find it, we’re turning the pages of any readable thing falls ahead of us. And this Blog is the result of that passion for reading and knowledge.

We’ll love to hear pieces of advice, appreciation or criticism. You can send us all your queries and suggestions by filling the form on the Contact us page or mailing us on: [email protected]. We’ll be grateful for each word of feedback received from you.