Science Fiction

Intergalactica by F P Trotta

Intergalactica undeniably succeeds as a starry-eyed adventure. F.P. Trotta polishes up familiar space opera tropes with positive messages of our connectedness across space and time. He leaves no doubt about humanity's rightful place stepping boldly into the cosmos.

ReForm: Combating the Algorithmic Mutation by Scott Bollens

Immerse yourself in the hauntingly plausible world of "ReForm: Combating the Algorithmic Mutation" by Scott Bollens. Explore the perils of algorithmic control, the battle for human agency, and the struggle to preserve individuality in this gripping dystopian techno-thriller.

The Silicon Mind by Manikarnika Lagu

The Silicon Mind is a triumph of both imagination and writing, and a true gem in the world of contemporary science fiction. Manikarnika Lagu's writing and storytelling is on full display in this book, as she deftly navigates the complex themes of artificial intelligence, medical ethics, and the nature of humanity.
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Agent SHARP by Bakchod Writer

SHARP" by Bakchod Writer is an excellent sci-fi thriller that combines a gripping plot with well-developed characters and skillful writing. The author's ability to create an imaginative and immersive world filled with interesting characters is truly remarkable.

Chimaera by Navin Reuben Dawson

A thrilling and gripping page turner, Chimaera is full of action and mounting tension that keeps you reading until you reach the very last page of the book.

ARKO: The Cosmic Order by U W Leo

The latest offering by U.W. Leo, "Arko: The Cosmic Order", is an action-packed, intricately designed escapade that is chock-full of unique twists of plot and unexpected revelations. This exciting second book in the science fiction adventure series focuses on topics such as genetic engineering, the development of advanced technology

ARKO: The Dark Union by U W Leo

"ARKO: The Dark Union by U.W. Leo" is a fascinating new beginning to a science fiction series about a band of tweens who are on a mission to save the human race and uncover the most significant discovery in the history of mankind.
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Master O: An epic of the future by Dhiraj Singh

The novel Master O by Dhiraj Singh raises serious questions regarding the future of mankind and our place in the universe. Pain and cruelty, moral responsibility, human identity, and human interference with nature are relevant subjects in today's time.

Cold Time: My Simulation Blunder by Shaan Changotra

Cold Time: My Simulation Blunder is a dystopian science fiction that takes place in a future where our world is suffering from global warming and climate change crisis and everyone needs a means to escape from this harsh truth. Shaan Changotra takes us on a voyage into a highly gloomy future, which will demonstrate to you the need and urgency of focusing on climate change in the present day and age.

Tomorrow’s End by G R Morris

Tomorrow's End is a pretty straightforward page-turner that mixes old-fashioned space opera and noir storytelling, with an appropriate amount of political intrigue thrown in there, and some violence for good measure.

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Title: Dark MatterAuthor: Blake CrouchPublisher: CrownGenre: Science fiction, Mystery thrillerFirst Publication: 2016Language: EnglishMajor Characters: Jason Dessen, Daniela Vargas Dessen, Amanda Lucas, Charlie DessenSetting Place: Chicago, Illinois (United States)  Book Summary:...
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