Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi

My impressions of the book varied over the course of reading it. Of the four parts, I found the first part the least engaging and the central character rather bland. Especially the beginning, where too many characters were introduced, building of the backdrop simultaneously and establishing relationships between the characters, made it a little exhausting and confusing to read.

American Stonehenge by Mike Goldstein

When it came to the plot though, Mike Goldstein seems a master story teller. American Stonehenge is an adventure in its kind; rare and special. The writing in this novel composed a pure and honest orchestra of notes and tones clearly woven together into an intricate and tight plot, reflecting a flawed world and characters stripped of pretence, leaving them raw and savage before a chaotic and uncertain future.

Starfall by Drew Harrison

Starfall by Drew Harrison is a murder mystery that also happens to be a dystopian/science fiction novel. The story is set in a city called New Phoenix in the year 2153.

The Golden Warrior by Naveen Rajaka

There is so much to unpack in this novel. The character development, the plot development, the spectacular writing. Everything was done in such a fast paced and interesting manner that gave me such a connection to the story as a whole.
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Children of Maya by Christopher Vastag

In Children of Maya by Christopher Vastag, we are transported to a fantasy land, Kaskilia, populated by changelings who can switch between human and animal form.

The Solar Realm by P M Black | The Silver Slayer

The Solar Realm is an intelligent and well-crafted engrossing science fiction story that combines amazing worldbuilding with the political intrigue and mystery, and a fascinating exploration of the culture clashes and colonialism experience.

Edge of Oblivion by A L Zuniga | The Elder Scrolls – Zaneta’s Chronicles: Part Two

As in the preceding book, Adrian's writing in the Edge of Oblivion is infused with a cinematic style, immersing readers in a world of enchantment while also emphasizing geographical aspects, food, and wildlife that lend appeal and intrigue to the continent of Morrowind.

Snowlands: A Blood Moon by Morr Meroz

Title: Snowlands: A Blood Moon (Book One)Author: Morr MerozPublisher: The Snowlands CompanyGenre: Graphic Novels, Fantasy AdventureFirst Publication: 2021Language: English  Book Summary: Snowlands - A Blood Moon by...
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The Price Of Freedom by Enyale Frost

Title: The Price Of FreedomAuthor: Enyale FrostPublisher: Enyale FrostGenre: Fantasy, Young AdultFirst Publication: 2021Language: English  Book Summary: The Price Of Freedom by Enyale Frost All Erin wants is...

Ofelia by Martyn Stanley | The Book of Davoth

One of the things I love about this book was the clarity with which it was written. There's nothing superfluous in Ofelia, nothing that shouldn't be there, and the flow, the pacing, is great. The author really puts you in the minds of the characters and in the settings and makes you fall in love or have a deep loathing for certain characters.

Fire of the Blood by Jasmina Coric

Fire of the Blood by Jasmina Coric is a compelling, intriguing, sometimes quirky but deeply moral fantasy story. This is the kind of story that helps us believe that we could stand and be counted if called upon to do so.
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