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Megha Bhatia

Megha Bhatia, founder of Israni Photography and Films, now happily living in the most beautiful marriage, has covered over a thousand weddings across her entrepreneurial journey and is a witness to what goes behind the big fat Indian weddings.

Dyson Russell

Dyson is 28 years old and lives in Melbourne, Australia. He is a Masters of Counselling student and currently works as a supermarket manager. He began experimenting with writing poetry after studying William Blake in high school, as he became interested in language constructs and the various ways to convey meaning.

Carl William Henn

Carl William Henn is the author of a travelogue-memoir My Two Centuries in Africa. He is a global health professional. He spent 40 years working on health programs in Africa. He lived in North Africa, then West, Southern, East and Central Africa. Carl is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, in the American Midwest.

Ankur Ashta

Ankur Ashta is a father, an author, an entrepreneur and a strategic marketer. He writes on varied subjects on his knowledge platform, 2dPoint, and his columns on marketing have appeared in several marketing-related publications. His first book, Heart, Mind & Wallet: Decoding the Consumers’ Needs to Create Winning Stories, published in 2014, remains a much-loved book on consumer insights.

R J Covington

R. J. Covington has had an extensive professional career as an entrepreneur founding and selling multiple start-ups, later serving roles as a C-suite executive and board member of various corporations.Despite growing up in the city, Mr. Covington has taken flight to the comfort and beauty of a rural mountain town. When not writing while wired on his third pot of coffee, he can be found impatiently struggling to teach his Labrador, Sasha, how to catch a frisbee.

Vikas Prakash Joshi

Vikas Prakash Joshi is a writer by nature and nurture and not by compulsion, ambition, or conscious choice. His writing career started at the early age of eleven and since then, he has won numerous awards and achieved notable distinctions. He has written for leading Indian publications like The Caravan, Hindustan Times, The Wire, The Hindu, DNA, Sakal Times. His essays, articles, and short stories have been translated and published in twenty-nine languages, both Indian and foreign, and in twenty-two countries.

Gurucharan Singh Gandhi

Gurucharan Singh Gandhi, in his own words, is a ‘full time corporate wallah’ and a part time writer. His debut book, ‘Kabeer in Korporates’ (2016) published in English and thereafter translated to Hindi and Marathi, was a national bestseller and won the ‘Best Debut Manuscript in Non-Fiction’ at ‘Lit-O-Fest’

S M Patel

S M Patel has given most of her life and career to fighting fraud and financial crime in banks. May be that was an overhang of her childhood which was spent in reading her grandfather’s vast collection of financial crime, espionage and other crime thrillers.

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