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Sana Altaf

Sana Altaf, the author of Forgotten Tales: Stories from the Kashmir Valley, was born in winter in Kashmir. As she learned to take her first steps and utter her first words; the world around her was changing.

Swapnil Pawar

Swapnil Pawar is a fintech entrepreneur working on bringing blockchain into the mainstream finance. He has been a quantitative finance professional with an experience of over 17 years.

Ashwini Rudra

Ashwini Rudra, the author of Delhi via Lucknow, lives in Matawan, a small town in New Jersey. He claims to be a simple man with a small-town attitude for life which he intends never to shed.

Bijaya Kumar Mishra

Bijaya Kumar Mishra is a doctor, a medical scientist and an author. After spending many years of his life to alleviate people’s pain, he now works as a scientist in the field of medical research. His debut book ‘Ineligible’ has been acclaimed widely. When he is not working or writing, he can be found watching or reading thrillers.

Sadath Ali

Born in Kadmath island, Union territory of Lakshadweep, Sadath Ali is a medical graduate of Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal. A holder of UPSC-CMS, he spends most of his time providing palliative care to the bedridden.

Thomas Keech

Thomas Keech has written seven novels - about state politics, teenagers entangled in suburban corruption, college romance, the medical board's prosecution of a predatory physician, and the political dystopian series: The Red State/Blue State Confessions. He is a former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Maryland and a founding member of the Willing Writers of Annapolis.

Sarah Khatib

Sarah Khatib is a university student currently in pursuit of her B.A with honours in Liberal Arts. She loves everything do with the escaping reality—like every college student ever—and writing falls under that domain.Since a young age, she has used writing as a way of expressing herself, in colourful language and in colourful ways.Although riddled with anxiety, she has decided to take her first step towards a career in writing through the publication of her first book, “When the Stars Whisper”.

Adi Pocha

Born in 1962, Adi Pocha is a writer, film-maker, based in Mumbai who has been writing professionally for advertising and television for the last thirty-eight years.

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