Book Review: The Advisory Board by Hemant Joshi

Book Review: The Advisory Board by Hemant Joshi

Title: The Advisory Board

Author: Hemant R Joshi

Publisher: Notion Press

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

First Publication: 2019

Language: English


Book Summary: The Advisory Board by Hemant Joshi

Shekhar Tripathi’s car gets slammed by an SUV while it is parked in front of his apartment building, leaving the car inoperative. He is already in grief, not having recovered from his wife’s death three months ago. At the same time, his business, Westland Tourism, is dwindling rapidly.

He feels lonely. How could someone take all the important things away from him at once?

The next morning, he is forced to take a taxi for the first time in five years. The driver tells him a horrific story, which convinces Shekhar that not all of his life is done. After this journey, Shekhar is convinced to take another taxi ride. Accompanied by taxi drivers, Shekhar begins his quest for survival.


Book Summary: The Advisory Board by Hemant JoshiBook Review _ The Advisory Board by Hemant Joshi

What to say about The Advisory Board by Hemant Joshi; a lovely read, a phenomenal book, exceptional and captivating. How I lingered over this book; read it slowly to truly savour and appreciate the story. The author doesn’t try to impress you with pretentious words nor does she bamboozle you with a convoluted plot. It’s an unembellished story. The ‘hero’ is not extraordinary with powers or rich; he’s a simple man who embarks on the journey of a lifetime. I loved the absolute clarity of foresight into the mind and heart of a very ordinary man.

Shekhar Tripathi is an unobtrusive, tentative and unassuming person whose wife died a few months ago, his business is deteriorating and now his car gets slammed in parking by another SUV. He is filled with loneliness and sorrow; feels loss about situations he is no longer able to change. Next morning he takes taxi to work. Eventually driver starts conversation with him and Shekhar learns about him. Driver’s story convinces Shekhar that he is not lost at life yet. After that day he decides to take taxi to work everyday. Each day Shekhar learns something new about life, work, love, loss from each driver he travels with. From that day, he embarks on a journey of self discovery.

Shekhar’s finds and discussions with the drivers of taxi left him happier and more confident. He also was helping those drivers with what they were dealing with. Shekhar was an ​absolutely endearing, charming, sweet character. I really enjoyed his antics and his thinking​ and especially the adventures he took us on.​

The Advisory Board by Hemant Joshi is a very well written novel and the characters are wonderful. I found the story captivating and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to experience Shekhar’s journey, a journey which brought him to the most unlikely situations with an assortment of equally fascinating characters and places. Shekhar’s search for answers to his life and his quest for purpose in his life is helped by many other delightful characters in the book. I loved all of these characters in their own right.

The Advisory Board is like a warm fuzzy hug that just wraps itself around you from the first page. It was enchanting, charming and humorous. At times, it jogged memories of the past or made me ponder and reflect on my own life experiences. At times it was emotional without being overly dramatic. It is a quirky story full of hope, with the message that life is for living and new experiences. It is a gem of a book that I really enjoyed. An excellent debut by author Hemant Joshi.

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