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Book Review: The Big Day by Blásquez Figueroa

Title: The Big DayBook Review - The Big Day by Blasquez Figueroa

Author: Blasquez Figueroa

Genre: Mystery, Fantasy Fiction

First Publication: October/2019 (English), August/2017 (Brazilian Portuguese).

Language: English.

Setting place: The Void, a place where time is irrelevant. A graveyard. A city called New Star.

Protagonist: A boy suffering from amnesia, dubbed as “Chosen”, who later finds out his name is Cássio.

Main characters: Chosen/Cássio; Augusto; Vera; Tonico.

Narration type: Mostly on third person point of view. However, two chapters, from a total of eighteen, are written directly by the narrator of the story.

Theme: How hard is to stand behind the choices that one make, while trying to be truthful to one’s moral principles.


Book Summary: The Big Day by Blasquez Figueroa

A sudden and dazzling flash of light… That is the beginning of the strange story of a boy, who doesn’t remember the details of his past… Not even his own name. However, the loss of his memories is the least of his problems…

Fleeing from a barren environment, the boy arrives on an unknown place… But then, why does he has the familiar sensation of knowing such place? Why does his mind, which cannot even remember the name, compels him to search for someone named Augusto? How can you find someone, whom you’ve never seen before, on a familiarly strange place? Moreover, how does this boy, so lost, can understand the basics of a foreign language, which he does not remember of learning? Why does he feel so attracted by windows?

The Big Day is a story for all tastes, wherein the reader can find huge dosages of mystery, a spoonful of drama, a pinch of comedy, and, even, a slight flavor of suspense and horror. It is a book centered on captivating characters, built on a rhythm of its own and with the presence, on key moments, of a narrator unconformed with “the source”.

The Big Day tell us an ordinary story, with ordinary people and characters who face ordinary problems… Except by a crucial detail…


Character List: The Big Day by Blasquez Figueroa

Chosen/Cássio: A boy who must remember about the choices which lead to his last day of life.

Augusto: A strong willed man who helps the Chosen to understand the importance of his life choices.

Vera: Cássio’s mother. A strict woman, who has taken the responsibility of raising a son on her own, amidst a life of poverty.

The Narrator: On two chapters, the narrator puts the main story aside to share thoughts and additional information about the story’s “Source” and/or side characters.

Tonico: An ascending drug dealer. Cássio and him became friends by chance. Despite being a criminal, he tries to be a man guided by a moral code, treading a gray path.

Miguel: A powerful drug dealer. Tonico’s former boss.


Book Review: The Big Day by Blasquez Figueroa

The Big Day by Blasquez Figueroa begins with a boy who can’t remember anything about his past, even his name. However a voice inside his head proclaims him as The Chosen and insist him to find Augusto. Eventually, the boy finds Augusto. After learning from the boy, Augusto understands what’s happening with the boy and brings him to a tombstone in a graveyard.

The boy recognize the name on tombstone, Cássio Roberto da Silva Junior, as his own. After a face-off with Augusto, the boy learns about his past life as Cassio and how he died serving a drug lord. Together they, the boy and Augusto, learn about the choices of the boy which led him under the tombstone. The story ends as Augusto presents two choices to the boy, the path of forgetting and starting anew, or the path of remembering and learning by his past mistakes.

Cassio was such a strong and lovable character from the beginning (and in his both life). I absolutely adored him but more than that I respect Augusto and his support for the boy. I loved all the suspense and mystery in this book. Not to mention the fact that the characters themselves were amazing. Cassio and Augusto’s relationship was just perfect for this book, along with other side characters, as well. But the subject (reincarnation) will make you think twice about any assumptions you may have made afterlife.

The Big Day by Blasquez Figueroa was amazing! It was a pretty quick read, not only because of its length but because the author does not waste words; he is not prone to detailed descriptions of anything. His writing is efficient and action-oriented. Because of this, the reader’s investment is not really in the main character, but the mystery of the story. Perhaps this was intentional. It covered everything readers love; mystery, betrayal, murder. I highly recommend The Big Day to anyone who loves reading about the reincarnation, and of course anyone who loves a great mystery.

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