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Book Review: Offsprings by Krishanu Banerjee

Title: Offsprings

Author: Krishanu Banerjee

Genre: Poetry

Publisher: BookSquirrel

First Publication: 2019

Language: English


Book Summary: Offsprings by Krishanu Banerjee

The book ‘Offsprings’ is an English poetry book which consists of 70 different poems covering the themes of society, love, nature, death, grief, art etc. Each and every poems, excluding three poems, are rhythmic and different from each other. All poems(excluding one) are short in length which will make the readers enjoyable and doesn’t let them feel bore.

As this is a poetry book you cannot find typical characters in it but if you read it carefully then you can easily identify metaphorical characters in it like Nature, Love, Death, A flower, The setting sun etc.

Book Review: Offsprings by Krishanu BanerjeeBook Review - Offsprings by Krishanu Banerjee

Offsprings by Krishanu Banerjee was beautifully written and very descriptive poetry collection. I was amazed at how complex, deep, and emotional these poems got. Everyone is going to view poems differently because we have all been through different things in life but I think this book has something for everyone! Even the shorter ones with only a few words manage to show an intense amount of emotion.

You could taste the overflowing emotions, the pain, the happiness, the longing and love. The writing is simple yet raw and honest. It touches the heart and feeds the soul without having to use complicated and deep ways to make you feel something. Readers can easily connect with the words since what the poems convey is very relatable. Offsprings by Krishanu Banerjee is a feel-good book.

I could see an overarching story amidst the smaller stories in each poem. So many emotions were expressed. One of the things I love about poetry is that it portrays so many feelings, and they’re not necessarily examples of how to. I love seeing and relating to other people’s raw emotions. Krishanu Banerjee manages to treat love without becoming sappy about it. His poems, for the most part, are very short almost like song lyric clippings.

Just so that I can give a little glimpse into some of my favorite parts of this poetry book, I’d like to show you one of the very short poems that I liked:

Strings of My Guitar

Strings of my guitar
Is calling me,
Calling me to make tune again,
Again to create for self only
Only for my glory to regain.

It is telling me to forget the past.
Forgetting the past I should make,
I should make till the breath of my last,
My last great work sitting beside a lake.

Strings of my guitar
Is showing me the way,
Way to get the godly touch.
The touch can only give me away
The power of music, deeply to clutch.

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