Silent Verses by Karanbir Singh

Dive into "Silent Verses" by Karanbir Singh, a captivating poetry collection that delves into the essence of life's journey, exploring themes of existence, love, family, and the human experience. Discover how Singh's carefully crafted verses give voice to profound truths and evoke deep emotions.

Marching with a Broken Shadow by Dyson Russell

"Marching with a Broken Shadow" is a deeply introspective and emotionally evocative poetry collection that weaves together a tapestry of human experiences, dreams, and memories. Dyson Russell, the poet, skillfully crafts each poem, allowing readers to embark on a journey through the beauty and complexities of life.

When I Opened The Door by Abhinav Bansal

Immerse yourself in the pages of "When I Opened the Door" and witness the fabric of reality unfurl before your eyes. Bansal's command of language transcends the ordinary, breathing life into emotions and illuminating the profound tapestry of the human experience.

The Midnight Scrawls by Fatema Pocketwala

The Midnight Scrawls by Fatema Pocketwala is a collection of poems that gives the reader insight into the mind when relaxed and reminiscing over the events that have happened, whether a day or years ago.
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Ellipses by Poorva Trikha

Title: EllipsesAuthor: Poorva TrikhaPublisher: LeadstartGenre: PoetryFirst Publication: 2022Language: English  Book Summary: Ellipses by Poorva Trikha Between what is meant and what is said, between what is said and what is...

Still, the Sky by Tom Pearson

Poems emanate an overwhelming affection for life, the world, and the transient quality of existence. Tom Pearson digs deeper into the mythology in order to have a firmer hold on the present, and when he does so, the roots of his memories and the feelings of longing that they evoke form the foundation of his intellectual architecture.

Flowers Grow on Broken Walls by Farena Bajwa

In Flowers Grow on Broken Walls, Farena Bajwa offers relief to anyone moving through intense grief and loss by sharing accessible, comforting words of wisdom on how to transform our suffering in the face of tragedy.

Nocturnal Fantasies by Joy Moitra

The short length of the book and seeming simplicity is belied by the incredible amount of attention given to it. For it explores far more than a simple themes. The use of dazzling imagination, vivid emotional resonance, and a breath-taking sense of movement, explores several different subjects, including - poetic creativity, self-realization and many other feelings from the depths of our heart.
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Arc Asylum by Prateek Joshi

Arc Asylum by Prateek Joshi is a small poetry book that gives a lot of food for thought. It's a good book for journaling prompts, to take a deeper look at self and it is done in such a gentle way.

An Egghead’s Journal by Sweta Singh

An Egghead's Journal is a journey through warmth and sharpness. This is such a brilliant collection, filled with heart and meaning, all in such a limited amount of words.

Zikr by Husna

The most recurring themes in this poetry book Zikr include love, tolerance, forgiveness and God. Most of the poems speak of love and metaphors for God abound throughout her verses. The reader, whether spiritual or not, may be delighted by her habit of speaking of, or to, God in a way that you can't stop thinking about and will provide new ways of perceiving complex spiritual subjects.

We Meet Again by Savita Nair

We Meet Again is a collection of poetry with the themes of love as well as random things out of the blue, including travel, strange emotions and feelings, memories of past, meeting new people, and our surroundings. Topics found in this book are endlessly wide, however, Savita Nair still manages to write fluently that will blow your mind away.
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