Of the Heart and Soul by Piyali Mitra

Title: Of the Heart and Soul: a mellifluous whisperAuthor: Piyali MitraGenre:  PoetryPublisher: Bluerose PublishersFirst Publication: 2021Language: English  Book Summary: Of the Heart and Soul by Piyali Mitra This anthology...

Unsettled by Ruby Mohan

Each of the poems in the collection has a weight measured in depth; as a collection they create a perfect circle of teeth-gnashing humanity - a circumference dotted with points of joy, pain, celebration, humor and loss. Ruby Mohan's words feels like intelligent and warm and surprising and unafraid of simple candor.

To The Bravest Person I Know by Ayesha Chenoy

Title: To The Bravest Person I KnowAuthor: Ayesha ChenoyGenre:  PoetryFirst Publication: 2021Language: English  Book Summary: To The Bravest Person I Know by Ayesha Chenoy From growing up with...

A Hiatus from the Loaded Past by Snehashree Mandal

Title: A Hiatus from the Loaded PastAuthor: Snehashree MandalGenre:  PoetryFirst Publication: 2020Language: English  Book Summary: A Hiatus from the Loaded Past by Snehashree Mandal Poems and vignettes. If you...
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Book Review: Mist and Mistletoe by Dr.Suranjana Banik

Mist and Mistletoe by Dr.Suranjana Banik is so simple, yet so devastating collection of poems. I liked how whimsical it was and how easy it can be to relate to so many of these poems/short pieces.

Book Review: Thoughts Alight by Kawtar Elmrabti

Thoughts Alight by Kawtar Elmrabti evokes romance and revolution in my consciousness, a riot of metaphors impregnated with sui generis imagery, an intense celebration of love and beauty, a flood of high emotions that assails my senses and then dulls them.

Book Review: Offsprings by Krishanu Banerjee

Offsprings by Krishanu Banerjee was beautifully written and very descriptive poetry collection. I was amazed at how complex, deep, and emotional these poems got. Everyone is going to view poems differently because we have all been through different things

She: Screw Silence! by Reecha Agarwal Goyal

There have been so many books on feminism in last couple of years. Reecha Agarwal Goyal explores this theme in this wonderful book of micro-tales She: Screw Silence.
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Book Review: Nocturnal Hours by Ruqayya Shaheed

Nocturnal Hours is a collection of poems celebrating womanhood by Ruqayya Shaheed. The book has well-constructed layout, consisting different sections with a variety of poetic voices speaking about different times/events in a woman's life.

Whispers Of My Soul by Rajiv Bhatia

The poetry book Whispers of My Soul by Rajiv Bhatia is filled with some interesting musings, some quite well-worded verses.  The tenderness and the kindness in here are breath-taking.

Book Review: Once Again Love by Sarita Mathur

When I chose to read this book Once Again Love, I had no idea what I was going in for. This was the debut book for the author Sarita Mathur and I cannot help but say that I was fascinated. But that aside, this was a book filled with hauntingly beautiful poems.

Book Review: Behind The Light by Aahana Mulla

Behind the Light tore through my analytical mind and burrowed deep into my ultra-sensitive soul. It slayed all my emotions, my desires, and my love for vulnerable writing. I may not know a lot about poetry, but I do know a decent amount about feelings, and Aahana Mulla brought all my feelings tumbling out with this gorgeous collection of poems.
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