Love in Search of Peace by Somprokash Das

Dive into the world of "Love in Search of Peace" by Somprokash Das in this insightful book review. Explore the journey of two ambitious IAS aspirants, Ritom and Tamannah, as they grapple with personal aspirations, family responsibilities, and the pressures of the civil services examination.

Paint The Song by Sami Ahmed

"Paint the Song" by Sami Ahmed is a thrilling and captivating tale that delves into the complexities of human ambition and the ethics of advertising in a world filled with unknown manipulations.

Sixteen by Ritika Kashyap

In "Sixteen" by Ritika Kashyap, readers are taken on a poignant and emotionally charged journey through the life of Ritika, a teenage girl whose world is shattered by the horrifying act of molestation.

The Hitman by Manoj V Jain

In a literary landscape brimming with stories that delve into the human condition, Manoj V Jain's "The Hitman" emerges as a captivating exploration of life's meaning and the relentless pursuit of purpose, interwoven with elements of suspense and self-discovery.
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Second Innings by Madhav Das

"Second Innings" by Madhav Das is a contemporary fiction novel that follows the lives of several characters who find themselves at a crossroads in their later stages of life.

Never the Butterfly by Ankur Ashta

Never the Butterfly by Ankur Ashta is a beautifully written novel that explores the complexities of love and language. The author's poetic writing style is both captivating and thought-provoking, and his ability to seamlessly weave together different themes makes for a truly engaging read.

LBW: Love By World Cup by Vinay Dhamnani

Title: LBW: Love By World CupAuthor: Vinay DhamnaniPublisher: Diamond BooksGenre: Romance, SportsFirst Publication: 2023Language: English Book Summary - LBW: Love By World Cup by Vinay Dhamnani The mysterious...

The Key to Circus-Mom Highway by Allyson Rice

The Key to Circus-Mom Highway is an enthralling novel that places family ties, healing, and reconciliation right at the heart of the narrative. The travel across the Deep South to retrace the steps of their mother following her death serves as the impetus for the reunification of the separated siblings.
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Gulmohar Dreams by Dharshana Bajaj

Title: Gulmohar DreamsAuthor: Dharshana BajajPublisher: Soulful Art GalleryGenre: Contemporary, EpistolaryFirst Publication: 2022Language: English  Book Summary: Gulmohar Dreams by Dharshana Bajaj Gulmohar Dreams is an epistolary novel that...

Timeless Time by Susheel Kumar Batra

Timeless Time follows Sanjeev Kapoor as he navigates the ups and downs of growing up, social scuffing, and wades through the turbulent life towards a state of emotional independence, returning with a voice ready to give testimony of his journey.

Qismat by Kritika Padhy

Qismat by Kritika Padhy offers everything you could want in a romance novel: likeable main characters, a swarm of chemistry between them, a cast of endearing and interesting side characters, and a fascinating plot.

The Settled Homeless by Rover V

The Settled Homeless is really an amazing book to read since it is inhabited by a plethora of excellent characters, and everyone of them is well-developed and fascinating in their own unique ways. In many ways, when described, they sound like ordinary book characters, but they are each fresh and fully realized, fully human.
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