And Her Story Began by Ayushi Raghuwanshi

In 'And Her Story Began', Ayushi Raghuwanshi has woven a refreshing, beautiful, and feel-good tale of loss, love, heartbreak, redemption, and hope. It is infused with indelible and touching moments. This book sure packs a punch.

Juvenile Adults by Gopala Gopala

Juvenile Adults explores and celebrates ordinary life as it ponders how we all fit together as well as apart as we go forward. It is during this time that our protagonist, Samson, not only explores where he is now in his life but where he has come from and how that has shaped him and where he may or should go in the future.
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The Mistakes I Never Forget by Karthick Hemabushanam

This story was vulnerable, dramatic, romantic and honest. The characters were well developed and easy to form relationships with, the plot line was smooth and strong. I liked the subtle hints of romance that didn’t take over the story and left it sweet and tender. I also enjoyed how the romance was slowly built up over the course of the novel and how it just brought everything together.

Insecure Nahush by Sandip Singh

Title: Insecure Nahush: Sometimes Mature & Sometimes Foolish Author: Sandip Singh Publisher: Leadstart publishing Genre: Conteporary Fiction First Publication: 2021 Language: English   Book Summary: Insecure Nahush by Sandip Singh Some people are born with...

A Marriage, an Affair, and a Friendship by Sabarna Roy

Sabarna Roy weaves a very intricate and immersive tale in A Marriage, an Affair, and a Friendship. He manages to simultaneously explore individual identity, relationships, family and the experience of cultural and societal expectations...

A Tale of Arranged Marriage by Pranav Rao

A Tale of Arranged Marriage by Pranav Rao tells the story of one modern man's journey through the minefield of arranged marriage. Born into an upper-middle-class urban family, Ayaan has a lot going for him
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You Are a Zero by Rohit Sai Chetla

Everyone doesn't cope with situations the same way, and problems that may seem minimalistic to you, can send the next person into depression. We all have our own ways of working through our issues, and some have a much harder time than others. You Are a Zero by Rohit Sai Chetla is a coming-of-age story. But it is also so much more than that. It is a story about a boy named Arjun, a teen with high hopes and happy life.

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