Book Review: Zero Not Out by Vamshi Krishna

Book Review: Zero Not Out by Vamshi Krishna

Title: Zero Not Out

Author: Vamshi Krishna

Publisher: Invincible Publishers

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

First Publication: 2019

Language: English

Major Characters: Varun, Nitya, Karan, Mahi

Narration type: Third Person


Book Summary: Zero Not Out

Varun Krishna, hailing from a middle-class family, works hard to realize his dream of getting into one of the top IITs. During his four years of college, he would go on to make friends and mentors for life. He would also meet his first love Nitya Iyer during his first year in college.

Due to some unfortunate turn of events, he had to part ways with her as soon as he finishes college because of which he would go on a self-destruction mode. How life takes him forward from such a miserable state to building a startup aimed at curbing suicides forms the rest of the story.

Riding high on emotions while emphasizing the role of family during crisis time, the novel illustrates the theme of how a father is looked up to as a real hero by his son.


Book Review: Zero Not Out

Hopeful, beautifully written, and nothing short of spectacular, Zero Not Out by Vamshi Krishna wraps the reader in for a long and amazing journey full of laughs and tears and smiles as Varun and Nitya meet in campus and love blossoms between them.

They say everything can change in one quick second, but Varun never realized this until that fateful day when everything fell apart. Before that day, Varun was the average boy: smart, intelligent, and pleasant. He had a picture perfect family life, a best friend Karan who he could count on, and the promise of an amazing future with Nitya. However, everything changes when Varun and Nitya separated because of an unfortunate event, soon after their final year in college. Filled with grief and anger, Varun does not know what to do, or who to blame. Will he ever be able to move on? Only time and more pages can tell in this fantastic story of grief, loss, and moving on.

To begin with, I loved the characters in this, especially Varun and Nitya. Charming and sweet, Varun was relatable and likable from the start. However, what I liked best about him was the fact that anyone would be able to resonate with his feelings. I particularly adored his relationship with Nitya, not only because of the way it was developed slowly, but it was based on so much more than just attraction; instead feelings and actions played a big role, and I loved that. The side characters in this were also a breath of fresh air, as each one had their own distinctive personality that added an extra flavour to the story.

From the plot lines, to the characters, and finally the writing, each played such a huge part in making this story simply fantastic! Best of all, I loved that Zero Not Out was so much more than just a book, it was more about moving on and coming to peace with the past while keeping part of it close.

As mentioned before, Vamshi Krishna’s writing was also fabulous. He truly knows how to write an emotional read, which makes you truly think. So, prepare for a long night, as Vamshi Krishna’s spectacular debut is one you will not be able to put down once you start.

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