Book Review

Book Review: Married to Mr Nightmare by Aakriti Srivastava

Title: Married to Mr Nightmare

Author: Aakriti Srivastava

Publisher: WorditCDE

Genre: Romance

First Publication: 2019

Language: English

Major Characters: Mayra, Rehan, Vishal, Tara

Narration type: First Person (from Mayra and Rehan’s point of view)


Book Summary: Married to Mr Nightmare 

When only pain remains, will your heart skip a beat? She was ready to heal his broken soul because she knew that behind the façade of his nightmare self, he was just a broken person trying to survive battles of his haunted past. But what she didn’t knew that there was a lot more pain she has to suffer in her journey. Maybe pain was what that bonded them together.


Book Review: Married to Mr Nightmare

I still feel somewhat under the spell of this book (book allusion). ‘Married to Mr. Nightmare’ was honestly an amazing read. This ended up feeling like one of the best and most authentic romances I have read this year. In some ways, I feel conflicted like Rehan when I say that: my instinct is to say that can’t be, because of what their relationship revolves around / how it’s constructed… but somehow it can be and it’s true. Mayra, Rehan, and their relationship are all so honestly and openly written and shown that there is no other way for us to feel. Even though its counter-intuitive, I can’t help but feel that their relationship is one of the most beautiful, complex, and emotional ones.

Mayra was one of the best heroines, because she felt so real and her reactions each and every time were so normal! Not over-the-top for effect, but not understated because the author wants to put lots of emotions. She also is very attracted – and eventually in love – with Rehan and wants to be in a relationship with him. Mayra feels a connection to him that she has never felt with any other person (Kunal) and she wants him in her life; he makes her happy. Her attempts to balance these two forces is wonderfully depicted.

Mayra is strong – she’s somewhat strong and quiet, but like all real people, you cannot fit her into only one category: she may seem reserved and quiet, but she can also stand up for herself and really knows her own mind. Mayra examines her motivations and feelings when she’s confused or unsure – not only about what she should do, but about what she wants to do and what Rehan wants from her. The story is told in first-person (from Mayra and Rehan’s point of view), which is sometimes iffy for me, but it worked well here; Mayra’s tone as narrator is smart, self-aware, and immensely likable.

Rehan is intense and dark and I know some people still see him as mysterious and the dark force in all this, but I actually found him to be so accessible. There are still things we need to know about his history, obviously – I have some guesses, but don’t know anything for sure. Nonetheless, he’s dominant, he’s a man who has that part of himself incorporated into his life, personality, and mannerisms; so that it’s integral to his character, even when we see him around other characters who don’t know about this part of his life.

Rehan is possessive, domineering, elusive and more. He’s also the most tender, tortured and sensitive character. His despair and his need for Mayra is his life are like living, breathing things and they jump off the page. He also has a deep understanding about himself and his desires, though he discovers and faces new things through Mayra’s questions and confrontations.

Fantastic secondary characters, especially Vishal and Tara. No evil guy or superfluous subplot – the obstacles are within themselves and their relationship and that is more than enough; anything else would have ruined the book and taken away from their story. Subtle but sizzling chemistry, Complex characters.

Author Aakriti Srivastava is just genius at depicting emotions, understanding relationships, and communicating what is going on in her characters’ minds. The depth to which the characters are taken and described is beyond words. Married to Mr Nightmare is a wonderful blend of a deep emotional journey and love story… this is one of those books that will stay with you for long!!!

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