Book Review: Love Will Find a Way by Dipanjana Nath

Book Review: Love Will Find a Way by Dipanjana Nath

Title: Love Will Find A Way

Author: Dipanjana Nath

Publisher: Notion Press

Genre: Romance

First Publication: 2019

Language: English

Major Characters: Molina, Keith

Setting Place: India, USA

Book Summary: Love Will Find A Way

In the solitude of the airport, when Molina’s mind was shuffling through her past, many faces stood out prominently in front of her eyes, yet again. At times, Kuntal’s pale face appeared and disappeared randomly and at times, her strange encounter with the ‘silhouette guy’ dissolved her into a soft laughter. But then, few messages from an unknown number at that wee hour of the stormy night unnerved her.

Molina, a chemical engineer by profession and a writer by passion, was extremely delighted and beyond happy when she met her ‘once upon a time’ bestie Keith at the Kolkata airport on a stormy midnight. Even after a tiff and five long years, they met each other like best friends, again. After a quick catch up on each other’s life, they parted ways but that serendipitous encounter refreshed the memories of Keith’s unrequited urge for Molina.

They met again at Molina’s wedding function, where Molina and Sukumar danced in each other’s arms which broke Keith’s heart a thousand times, yet again.

Even after being happily married to Jaslene and being a father of a one year old, Keith’s mind skipped a beat each time he saw Molina, each time he thought that what if he could made another attempt to tell her how much he loved being with her.

The best friends bumped into each other again after seven long years in a different country when Molina was going through a rough patch of her life. Looked like the destiny had a unique plan in store for them and they weren’t aware of it.

Will Keith’s passionate love draw Molina’s attention once again? Even after trying her best, will Molina give in to this relationship? Will Sukumar ever understand his wife and know the state of her mind? Where will destiny take Molina and Keith? And how will Jaslene and Rahul react to the whole thing? Will Keith be able to tame his intense emotions towards Molina? And what will happen when a strange person claim himself to be the ‘silhouette guy’?

Book Review: Love Will Find A Way

Love Will Find a way by Dipanjana Nath is one of the most powerful romance books of this year and one of the most raw, honest, inspiring, and profoundly beautiful stories. It wasn’t anything like what I expected, but it delivered so much more than I ever hoped for. It’s a story of unshakable love (for a silhouette, actually a person but you won’t know about him until you finish reading the book)and finding the strength to make the right choice in the hardest situation.

This is a completely spoiler-free review . It’s story of a young girl Molina working as a chemical engineer and a part-time writer. There are two men (actually three!!!) in this story, but please don’t think this is a triangle book. It’s not. It’s hard to explain, but it’s not. But I really feel that you should just dive into this book without knowing anything about the plot. This book is unputdownable. You’ll notice as you read that there are no good stopping points. None at all.

Molina was most certainly one of the most admirable heroines I’ve read. I liked her character from the first few pages, but having finished the book, I truly couldn’t be more prouder of her. Her strength and conviction over the course of this story made her into a strong lead character. She was so real and vulnerable as we all are; but the strength with which she took control of her life was admirable on such a deep level.

There’s an incredibly powerful message in this book that is very subtly woven in from the start. It begins in the first chapter, but you don’t yet realize how significant each of these moments truly are; and as you read more, these pieces of the story come together forming a scenario that gives such a raw, honest portrayal of an incredibly relevant issue. I’m not mentioning it on purpose because I don’t want you to expect it. The fact that it’s unexpected for you as the reader is very important because it’s also unexpected for Molina, the heroine. As she begins to realize what kind of situation she’s in, so do you. And this realization very much allows you to experience her journey with her.

I found this book incredibly refreshing. One of the things that intrigued me the most and had me wondering when I read this book was what the title, Love Will Find a Way, really meant — and there’s this very specific moment when the title is echoed in the story that just had such a strong impact as I read it. That was my cheer moment. I just sat back and went ‘woah!’. The title is truly perfect.

I won’t say more for fear of ruining the reading experience for someone else, but this book was so much more than a flimsy romance novel. Highly recommended!

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