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6 Iconic Daughters From Literature

The daughter’s role has been an important theme in literature; especially when exploring gender roles and relationships between family members. Through their fierce nature or calmness during the time of conflict, these daughters from literature have won our hearts. Intelligent and quick-witted Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice, hot-tempered and geeky tomboyish Jo March from Little Women, smart and awkward Meg Murry from Wrinkle in the Time, and talented Astrid Magnussen from White Oleander are the few of the iconic daughters from literature.

Here is the list of these incredible daughters from literature with detailed description of their characters.

Elizabeth Bennet from ‘Pride and Prejudice’

Kind, stern and proud, Elizabeth was the rock of the Bennet family. Her father, Mr. Bennet, loved her dearly and he knew she always meant well for the family. Though, sometimes, her mother would ignore her importance.

Elizabeth has an intriguing personality and she always thought about her family first before making any decision. Because of her kind and trusting attitude,  Mr Bennet respected her decision not to marry the first man who comes along.

Marie-Laure from ‘All the Light We Cannot See

Visually challenged Marie-Laure is intellectually adventurous and inquisitive. She’s extremely close with her father, Daniel LeBlanc. The Nazis invaded and occupy Paris, so Daniel escapes with Marie-Laure to Germany when she’s only 12.

To make his daughter’s life satisfying, Daniel does everything he can. Marie also loves her father so much that she tries everything in her will to make him smile. Marie is one of the fantastic daughters from literature and this father-daughter relationship is cherishable element in modern literature.

Liesel Meminger from ‘The Book Thief’

Liesel Meminger learns to read with the help of her accordion-playing foster father. She shares her stolen books with her neighbours and a Jewish man hidden in her basement during bombing raids.

The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak is a classic tale of Liesel Meminger, who is fearless, loving and darling daughter to another kind, caring man.

Jo March from ‘Little Women’

Along with being a strong-willed and independent girl, Jo March is young, adventurous and creative. Jo would often take charge of the household when her father is away at war. She would outwit her elder sister, Meg, on many occasions.

Jo represented the possibility of another kind of life at the time when women’s lives were restricted to kitchen and home. Jo March was a responsible daughter who wanted to contribute to the family and take care of them. She’s one of the most iconic daughters from literature portrayed ever.

Starr Carter from ‘The Hate U Give’

Starr Carter was 16 year old when she witnessed the brutal shooting of her innocent friend Khalil by the Police. She goes to a predominantly white school even if she’s from a black, lower-middle-class family. She’s determined to bring justice to her friend’s murder. She grows up and realizes the difficulties her parents have to face for being colored.

Starr matures to an extent that she becomes an activist who voices over police brutality. Starr is a young and proud girl of her black parents who are assured of her heritage and community. She tries her best to make everyone live with their heads held high. She’s the one of the ideal daughters from literature.

Scout Finch from ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’

Scout Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is not a stereotypical dependent daughter, neither her father Atticus Finch fit the protective and strong father prototype. She is enthusiastic on learning about the life, humans and their behaviour. She knows how to deal with life in one’s own unique manner.

Prompt nature and straightforward inquisitiveness of Scout intrigue Atticus. He frequently discusses mature topics with Scout in the most matter-of-fact manner. This has made Scout a sensible human being who’s growing up to think for herself. Scout is one of the most ideal daughters from literature.

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