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Book Review: Just Kidding Yours Destiny by Anirban Das

Title: Just Kidding Yours DestinyBook Review: Just Kidding yours Destiny by Anirban Das

Author: Anirban Das

Publisher: Notion Press

Genre: Fiction

First Publication: 2014

Language: English

Major Characters: Kunal, Shristi, Harry

Narration type: First Person


Book Summary: Just Kidding Yours Destiny

Just Kidding… Yours, Destiny revolves around the proverbial Indian guy: educated, hard-working and minting money. The protagonist of the book, Kunal, is ambitious and in love with his job. He has been slogging in the same company for a long time and expects to reach the top rung of the ladder with his qualifications, intelligence and dedication towards his job.

However, even the best laid schemes of mice and men are bound to go awry and this situation is no different. The sudden acquisition of the company where Kunal works and the arrival of a new acerbic boss puts Kunal’s plans on hold. The topsy-turvy situation is further strengthened with the arrival of a fresher, Srishti who makes Kunal question his views and priorities in life.

But, is Srishti worth the effort? Is she who she claims to be or is she just an illusion? Moreover, who is Kunal? Does he even know himself well? Confused by the turn of events and struggling to find his feet in the changing and confusing circumstances, Kunal decides to embark on a journey of self discovery and self identity to gain control over his life.

Just Kidding… Yours, Destiny aims to draw in the readers in Kunal’s world but in a way that Kunal’s story seems like their story. The book is available in paperback.


Book Review: Just Kidding Yours Destiny

I am often optimistic when a description includes the words humorous, funny or in this case witty novel. The good, broad humor is exactly what struck my funny bone. Cinematically, there are some scenes which might even translate well as slapstick.

‘Just Kidding… Yours, Destiny’ is Anirban’s debut book. The introduction suggests that it’s a story of an ambitious guy named Kunal Roy whose peaceful professional and personal life drowns when a new boss arrives in his company and a new girl in his life.

Kunal doesn’t seem to be very lucky. He has a job as an executive at HomeMakers. He’s satisfied with his work until the day when a new boss, Harry Kapoor, arrives. He gets involved with a young girl, Srishti, who just joined the company. The situations became funnier and funnier to me as the plot went on. Kunal Roy lurches from one comic disaster to the next, and yet somehow it all comes right for him at the end – which of course is what we want for him.

‘Just Kidding… Yours, Destiny’ has a lot of the humor in the nastiness of the people and their interactions. People who are trying to be mean to others ending up looking like fools.

The book sustains a deftly calibrated mixture of Author Anirban’s signature self-effacing humor and his knack for intelligent storytelling that buoys an otherwise tiresome and self-important account of Kunal Roy’s rise and fall and rise. Author Anirban Das is apt to infuse his writing with adorable wit and a strong sense of understanding.

Very consistently amusing and highly enjoyable.

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