Book Review: Shadow of the Past by Mayank Manohar

Book Review: Shadow of the Past by Mayank Manohar

Title: Shadows of the Past

Author: Mayank Manohar

Publisher: FingerPrint Publishing

Genre: Romance

First Publication: 2019

Language: English

Major Characters: Lavanya, Rehan, Arpita

Book Summary: Shadow of the Past

Life throws up tough choices that often control your life, forcing you to carry the baggage of your past. In the process, you have no option but to fall in love with your own shadow. Your pain and loneliness are your best friends. But there comes a breaking point and when you reach it, there is a good chance it can destroy you completely.

Shadow of the Past is a story about three young people crippled by their own past and insecurities and how their life changes when they stop running away and start embracing it. But the question always remains: to what extent can anyone go to get rid of their past?

Meet Lavanya, deprived of the love that she deserved and fighting a seven-year-long battle for Rehan, who is crippled by the complexity of his own mind, then takes a major u-turn. Arpita, who yearns for Rehan’s love, suddenly finds herself trapped between the incomplete love saga of Rehan and Lavanya. Rehan comes out of the void he is in, only to tumble into another.

Will the shadow of their past destroy their lives completely or will life give them another chance to redeem what is lost?


Book Review: Shadow of the Past

This is an achingly beautiful, heart wrenching book about a second chance at love and with wonderfully developed character and engaging narration. The level of emotion it pulled out, right from the beginning, was so strong and intense! Just the way it is written makes you feel everything that they are going through in a very realistic way. Puts you right there with the characters.

I loved seeing all the effort Lavanya put into fixing her relationship with Rehan. How much she treasured every moment spent with Rehan. And how he did everything in his power to win back her heart and earn back her trust.

This book was basically all about the healing process that Lavanya, Rehan, and Arpita go through. ‘The Shadow of the Past’ is about regret and coming out of the past. It makes you think about life in general and how one decision can alter your entire life!! Such a wonderful story! The situations, the emotions all felt so real!!

This is an emotional read that chronicles their journey through regret, forgiveness, redemption, and love. You get a very honest account from Lavanya, Rehan and Arpita. It’s very well written and the character development was well done. Even though it was a bit slow moving at times, I was genuinely interested the whole time.  It kept me wondering how exactly things would play out.

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