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Book Review: The Muse by Noemi Capote

Title: The Muse

Author: Noemi Capote

Publisher: Independently published

Genre: Fantasy

First Publication: 2019

Language: English

Major Characters: Karla, Irene, Joaquin

Narration type: First Person


Book Summary: The Muse by Noemi CapoteBook Review - The Muse by Noemi Capote

Can you imagine living in a world where the supernatural is ordinary and God is forbidden?

Can you imagine a common existence amongst humans, akuras, shamans, witches, and muses? A world where greed, revenge, and hatred prevail over everything?

Do you think that you can exist in a universe dominated by darkness?

The Muse tells the story of Karla Lozano, a young lady who tries to survive in an infected society that tests her faith and her capacity to love. Will she survive?

A fantasy novel that will make you reflect on your beliefs, your inner strength, and your mission in this life.


Book Review: The Muse by Noemi Capote

Magical is the word that best describes this unusual tale, in every sense. I have to say that I’ve not read anything quite like this one, but believe me, that is meant as a compliment. It is here that we find Karla Lozano, and her family. Karla is a girl of nature, a wild and willful girl. It’s difficult to go into too much detail without spoiling it for other readers, but The Muse by Noemi Capote is a most unusual tale that reads like a fairy-tale but was written with a more adult audience in mind.

The imagery is simply wonderful, the characters leap out of the page, and the story-line is a mixture of fantasy and reality. What an ambitious debut novel this is, but Noemi Capote has pulled it off beautifully.

What I admired the most about Noemi Capote’s writing was the chilling ambiance she created and the portrayal of the witches, akuras, and shamans. There was something genuine and nostalgic in the way she described them, in the blurry lines between sin and redemption, and the answer to what is right and what is wrong lies somewhere in the middle. The same thing applies to her characters. As Karla’s character grows up, she is surrounded by many people. All of them play an important role in shaping Karla’s personality, with their obsessions, their tenderness and their cruelty.

The Muse by Noemi Capote was magical and whimsical and absolutely not what I was expecting at all. This isn’t a “race to the finish” novel, it’s like watching a flower slowly bloom. The longer you wait, the more you watch, the more beautiful it becomes. In The Muse by Noemi Capote, Author weaves an intricate and inspiring story with a resilient and inspiring main character in Karla Lozano and I think any reader could easily find pieces of themselves within her story. This was an absolutely stunning read from the first page to the last and while it’s a bit slower than typical fantasy novels – readers of all genres would do well to pick it up!

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