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Kickstart Your Adventure: Unleashing the Incredible Power of Travel Books to Enhance Your Voyage

Let’s be real, planning for a trip is more than just cramming stuff into a suitcase and hopping on an airplane. It’s about mentally preparing yourself and this is where travel books can be super helpful. By reading these books, you don’t just get random facts, you see the world through the lens of experienced travellers. This can really shape your expectations of your upcoming trip. And the cool part? A great travel book can change your trip from ‘just another holiday’ to an insightful experience. So, why settle for just being a tourist when you can be a full blown world traveler? 

Alain de Botton’s “The Art of Travel”

Sometimes, with all the excitement about deciding where to go next, we forget the core reason for travelling in the first place. That’s where Alain de Botton’s “The Art of Travel” comes in. It kind of jolts you awake to the real motives and methods of travelling. Michelle Halpern, the awesome mind behind the blog, Live Like It’s The Weekend, shares her thoughts on it.

 “A lot of travel books feed our dreams about travelling. But de Botton homes in on the philosophies that move us to travel.” So in understanding and coming to terms with the fact that reality may not always be as glamorous as our dreams, we can appreciate the full spectrum of the travel experience: the good, the bad and everything in between.

Musical Journeys: An Uncommon Path of Neil Peart

Neil Peart, everyone knows him as the epic drummer from Rush, and man, can he make you dance with his music. But did you know he had a thing for cycling too? In his book “Masked Rider”, Neil shares his amazing cycling adventure across West Africa. He shows us that it’s not just about the showbiz life, but about the human experiences outside that realm.

Laughter Alert: A Trip with Bill Bryson

Journeying with Bill Bryson’s book “In a Sunburned Country” is like boarding a non-stop laughter train. This hilariously-written book about the quirks of Australia might just be the cure for a dull day. Remember, as Richard Henderson, a famous writer, said “Bryson’s books are like a hearty laugh, they brighten up your day and make your journey more fun.”

Love Africa: A Heartfelt Story from Jeffrey Gettleman

“Love Africa” is far from just another journalist’s account of events. It’s where Jeffrey Gettleman, the East Africa bureau chief for the New York Times, unfolds a legendary tale of love, ambition, and his undying passion for Africa. Can you balance your ambition, your love for an entire continent and maintain a committed relationship at the same time? Well, you gotta read to find out!

Life, Love and Adventure Awaits!

Imagine this; you’re going on a camping trip or travelling in a van. What do you feel? Excitement? Yep, but studies from the American Journal of Lifestyle also reveal that this could literally make you happier. So grab your backpacks, folks. It’s time for your next adventure and who knows, you might end up discovering more about yourself than the world on this trip!

At the end of the day—remember—each book is like a magical portal to new experiences. So quench your wanderlust with the turn of a page—and open a new chapter of your adventure!

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