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How to write a perfect review for students’ favorite book

Reading is one of the hobbies many students have. While some read purely for pleasure, others read because they feel obliged to do it by the college environment or context. However, no matter how much you read, you surely have a favorite book you would want to recommend to fellow students as well. And how can you better do this if you don’t know how to write a perfect review for your favorite book?

Exercising to write a book review will be very helpful for your college life because you put your writing and reasoning skills to the test. During college, you surely have to do and write a lot of assignments on different topics, so learning how to write a perfect review for your favorite book will be a helpful exercise. But how can you do this? Find out below.


What Should A Book Review Contain?

This is one of the questions many students ask themselves. Reading book reviews you find online can be a good starting point. However, you need to keep in mind that it should be your personal opinion and perspective expressed in that book. For sure you can find online reviews that match your perspective and others that don’t, but you need to think about your ideas and feelings regarding the book.

There are three pain points you need to touch and present in a book review. A book review should have a short summary of the plot, your perspective and evaluation of the book, and your recommendations for those who are reading your review. These are some crucial ingredients for a perfect book review you should not miss including in your own review.

Besides all these details you need to include and present in your book review, there are other important elements of style.


Understand Your Target Audience

One of the things that could change the way you write a book review is your audience. There are many book review websites where you can post your review and connect with other people that have read the same book. There is Goodreads, one of the largest book review websites, where reviews are mainly informal.

There are a lot of other websites, such as Kirkus Reviews, where reviews need to be more formal. Understanding your target audience is essential because this will help you write the perfect book review. You will understand what your audience is expecting of you, so you will know to emphasize some points.


The Length of a Book Review

The length of a book review depends on your target audience. Students read books during college, so writing a book review could be an assignment they might have. In this case, you will surely have some requirements to follow, among which the length of book reviews.

Usually, it is recommended to write around 1,000 words and no more than 1,500 words. Of course, this depends also on what you are going to do with it (post it online or submit it as an assignment). But the most important thing is to focus on what happened in the book and your personal opinion on it. Writing a review might sound challenging, but it is similar to writing an assignment or any type of paper. If you hire writer to do my assignment, they will tell you the same thing. Focus on what you have to say, but aim to send your ideas in a concise, structured, and clear way. This will allow you to write a book review of a decent length, without making it boring.


Ending Note

Students are reading during college and this might be the moment when they are finding some of their favorite books. You surely want to share your thoughts with other people who might like the book as well, so how else to do this other than writing a book review? And if you want to write the perfect book review, then you need to consider a few tips and tricks.

Firstly, you need to think about your target audience. This will help you understand how to convey and deliver the message. Secondly, you need to think about the length of the book review. It has to be an optimum one so that it will be read. Lastly, do not forget to focus on the action, your perspective on the book, and your recommendations for the readers. Like this, you will write a structured, logical, and concise review of your favorite book.

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