Book Review: Breaking Philosophy by Nishitha Bujala

Breaking Philosophy is a chilling and thrilling story of intrigue, secrets, lies and plentiful twists. The suspense and tension, and growing air of menace make this an exciting and intensely engaging mystery thriller which I enjoyed reading.

Book Review: Nothing Ventured by Jeffrey Archer

Serving as the inaugural book for a new series, “Nothing Ventured” is a genial introduction to William Warwick. With likable characters and some interesting twists in the plot, the narrative keeps the reader’s interest.

Book Review: Fait Accompli by Anubhav Shankar

'Fait Accompli’ by Anubhav Shankar begins in Russia in 1941 on a late afternoon when the weather is heavy and everyone can feel that something is about to happen and it does, in the worse(!) way imaginable.

Book Review: The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

The White Tiger is the splendid debut and Man-Booker Prize winning novel by Aravind Adiga which gives the world a glimpse of the life of a servant in modern day India trying to escape the darkness and become free.

Book Review: The Woman In The Window by A J Finn

As I started reading The Woman In The Window, I got the immediate impression that I was seeing one of my favorite movies being played out a little differently. That movie is Hitchcock's "Rear Window." Also, other film noir classics came to mind and are mentioned in the story. This book had all the elements of one or any of those films.

Book Review: All Lies, Says Krishna by J Rajasekharan Nair

All Lies, Says Krishna by Rajasekharan Nair is an amazing book, utterly fascinating and compelling. Quite unusual and exceptional story. I like Krishna (Who doesn't!), He is a strong Man (god) and a courageous leader.

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