Cold Record by Eric Ferguson

Dive into the gripping world of Eric Ferguson's Cold Record, a murder investigation novel that goes beyond legal procedures. This debut work by a career prosecutor delves into the emotional toll of crime, offering profound introspection on justice, truth, and human resilience.

The Runaway Kid by Jayanta Ray

Jayanta Ray's The Runaway Kid is a brilliant example of social realism literature. It presents a vivid picture of the socio-economic and political landscape of the time and offers a scathing critique of the apathetic attitude of those in power.

Silence Has Secrets by Nayan Malek

Silence Has Secrets is a very sharp-edged coming-of-age novel. Ranjan’s story and his voice appear very honest and raw. The subject that is targeted in this book is rare in fiction and very much needed.

A Tale of Two by Abhishek V

Abhishek V's A Tale of Two is, at its core, the narrative of two men who, although sharing the same intelligence, willpower, and desire to escape their slum backgrounds, end up in very different places.
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The Toxic Vaccine by Dr. Soham Sonis

The Toxic Vaccine by Soham Sonis is undeniably creative and relevant, particularly in light of the current controversies that have been brought to light about the COVID vaccinations.

Soul’s Despair by Vivek Bhanot

Soul's Despair is an engaging combination of Urban Fantasy and Horror, featuring a plot that is as close to a crime procedural as it can be.

Riding the De(mon) by Murali Raghavan

Murali Raghavan's Riding the De(mon) tells the story of a systemic corruption so pervasive and so well disguised that it continues for years and includes many crooks who have escaped law enforcement, killers, and heaps of filthy cash.

Never Say Never by Kaushal Patel

Never Say Never by Kaushal Patel is a bit different from the usual mysteries because of its in-depth character study and concentration on the evolution of emotions and behaviours, motives and intentions rather than the mystery itself.
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Bonded by Darkness by The Literary Yogi

Bonded by Darkness is a gripping, page-turner of a crime story with an opening scene that will leave you breathless. It is a well-written thriller with engaging characters.

Between John and a Hard Place by Anita Yombo

Between John and a Hard Place takes our real world issues and brings it close to home. This is Anita Yombo's debut novel and it is clear she has done some in-depth research into the subject.

Blood & Brown Sugar: The Ride of His Life by L A Nolan

Title: Blood & Brown Sugar: The Ride of His LifeAuthor: L A NolanPublisher: Leadstart publishingGenre: Crime thriller, Action AdventureFirst Publication: 2021Language: English  Book Summary: Blood & Brown...
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