Detective Fiction

Zack Ace and the Suicidal Tyrant by Arley Penn

"Zack Ace and the Suicidal Tyrant" is an enthralling mystery thriller that delves into the human psyche, leaving readers questioning the very fabric of their own convictions and the fine balance between darkness and light that shapes the destiny of humanity.

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

Discover a captivating crime mystery in "The Thursday Murder Club" by Richard Osman. Join a group of unlikely amateur sleuths as they unravel a complex web of secrets, suspense, and humor. Engross yourself in this witty and gripping tale that will keep you guessing until the very end. Delve into the world of murder, mayhem, and mischief in this must-read crime novel.

Casino Royale by Ian Fleming

Casino Royale stands on its own as a great book in its own right, packed with suspense, excitement, brilliance, and unexpected turns despite its short length.

Over My Dead Body by Jeffrey Archer

Over My Dead Body opens just after the events of the book Turn a Blind Eye as DCI Warwick and his wife embark on a much-needed relaxing cruise together, which is their first genuine vacation in a long period.
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Turn a Blind Eye by Jeffrey Archer

The events of "Turn a Blind Eye" by Jeffrey Archer begin immediately after the climax of the previous volume, Hidden in Plain Sight. Now in the year 1987, William Warwick has been promoted to the position of Detective Inspector.

Hidden in Plain Sight by Jeffrey Archer

The premise of Hidden in Plain Sight is, of course, very fantastic, with the squad focusing on the investigation of a drug lord while also tackling some unfinished business from the Art and Antiquities Squad.

Juiced: A Whidbey Adventure by Ted Mulcahey

Juiced by Ted Mulcahey was a compelling, charming, fun, cozy read and a perfect escape. Excellent characters, a captivating mystery, and humour liberally placed throughout kept me entertained from beginning to end.

The Casebook of Qing and Xmucane by B E L Coulson

The Casebook of Qing and Xmucane is an outstanding example of the classic whodunit genre; it is very well written and has an original setting, in addition to a cast of memorable characters.
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The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith (Cormoran Strike #2)

In Silkworm, Robert Galbraith, I meant J K Rowling, has nailed the magic formula of a good detective story once again. Here there are a host of suspects, all of whom have read the author's libelous and disturbing final novel.

Most Famous Fictional Detectives from Literature

There have been many famous fictional detectives in literature over many years. So many that a select few of them have reached a legendary status wherein they are known far and wide.

Book Review: Poirot Investigates by Agatha Christie (Hercule Poirot Book 3)

Poirot Investigates is the third volume in the collection of Christie's Poirot series, a collection of short stories, better than most mystery collections, having been written by the best selling author of all time. The collection features the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot and his powerful, little grey cells.

Book Review: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes collects the first twelve Sherlock Holmes stories, originally published in The Strand magazine throughout 1891-1892. The first story in the collection, "A Scandal in Bohemia," is the story that made Holmes and his creator a household name.
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