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Dice Gambling: The Best Books To Learn About Dice Games for Regular Gaming

Gambling with dice is the simplest and most undemanding entertainment a gambler can find. As a rule, no dice game is detrimental to your wallet if you do not stake $500 per turn. Overall, that is a nice and somewhat even relaxing game you can play with friends.

The casino world is diverse! Many dice gambling games exist. ORDB picked the best game types and shared their opinion with us.

Regular Dice Game — Craps

Craps is an old game that has 100% unpredictable outcomes. There is also a crypto dice variation.

Craps is among the oldest and most popular dice games around. It can be played at online or land-based casinos, and it’s really easy to learn how to play. The game’s basic premise is to roll two dice and hope that your total is higher than the dealer’s. If you roll a 7/11, you automatically win; if you roll a 2, 3, or 12, you automatically lose; and if your number is anything else, you have to either bet on that number or keep rolling until you get a 7 or 11.

There are lots of different bets that you can make in craps, and the odds vary from bet to bet. Some of the more popular bets are the pass line bet, the come bet, and the don’t pass line bet.

To play craps in an online casino, open an account and select craps from the list of games. Here are the best crypto & bitcoin betting sites to let you find the 10/10 dice gambling hubs. You can then choose to play for free or for real money. You need to deposit funds into your account to play for real money. Once you have selected your bet, click on the “roll” button to start rolling the dice. If you want to make a different bet, click on one of the betting areas on the table layout.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a 10/10 dice game that is very popular in Asia. It might have originated in China, and it is now played in casinos all over the world. Sic Bo is a very simple game to play – all you have to do is bet on what you think the outcome of the next roll of the dice is.

There are a number of different bets that you can make in Sic Bo, and the odds vary from bet to bet. Some of the more popular bets are the bet on a single number, the bet on two numbers, and the bet on three numbers.

To play Sic Bo in an online casino, open an account and select Sic Bo from the list of games. The action plan resembles what we have already said in the previous section. Here is a 7BitCasino Review by David Patterson to ensure you pick a reliable entertainment provider.


Now that is a rarity! Cee-Lo is a dice game that originated in China, and like craps, it has many variations. The original version of Cee-Lo was played with three six-sided dice numbered one through six, but some variants also include cards to decide certain aspects of gameplay. Still, it is wiser to start with learning the general Cee-Lo rules. Not many casinos prioritize this game, making it a rare gambling gourmet dish to savor.

Final Words

Gambling with dice is a great way to pass the time, and it can also be extra lucrative if you know how to play. The games listed above, such as Cee-Lo, Sic Bo, and Craps, are just a few of the many different types of dazzling slots dice games that you might want to try out. Do not hesitate to gather your friends and challenge them to a thrilling round of dice rolling — these games become even better and more exciting in the company of others!

To help you get more knowledgeable about dice gambling, we have compiled a list of books about dice games that you should read.

  • Complete Book of Dice Games by Skip Frey
  • The Pocket Guide to Dice & Dice Games by Keith Souter
  • Dice Games Properly Explained by Reiner Knizia
  • The World’s Best Dice Games: How to Play and Win by Jacobs Gil
  • Scarne on dice by John Scarne
  • Casino Craps for the Winner by Avery Cardoza
  • Casino Gambling for the Winner by Lyle Stuart
  • The Everything Craps Strategy Book by Larry Edell
  • The Book of the Die by Luke Rhinehart
  • Craps: Walk Out a Winner! by John Patrick
  • Dice: Deception, Fate & Rotton Luck by Ricky Jay

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