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The Most Popular Horse Racing Books That Everyone Should Read

One of the world’s most popular sports and pastimes, horse racing is one activity that has caught the attention of many all over the planet. So much so, that many love to enhance their passion for horse racing by reading books that have been written.

As a result, it is hardly a shock that there have been so many different titles to have been written and published over the years. Therefore, this could present a challenge somewhat when looking for the best books to read about horse racing.

Nonetheless, this list will help to provide you with just some of the top titles available, with many of them being listed among the best by horse racing enthusiasts the world over!

The Sure Thing: The Famous Horse Racing Coup in History

The Sure Thing is a remarkable exploration of renowned gambler Barney Curley, who pulled off one of the most dramatic horse racing frauds in history. As an audacious risk-taker familiar with winning bets, he masterminded Yellow Sam’s racehorse wager back in 1975 – amounting to nearly £300,000 (or $2 million today). Despite any attempts by bookmakers to enact communication and technological restrictions against him, Curley remained undeterred and unstoppable.

Horseplayers: Life at the Track Horseplayers

Life at the Track written by Ted McClelland, is a fantastic book that represents a fresh perception of many people’s wins and losses in the horse racing gambling industry. The author discusses numerous gambling strategies used in horse race gambling. This book looks behind the scenes at how horse racing betting is done. Throughout the book, many unforgettable characters, such as Mary Schoenfeldt, give all their gambling winnings to various charities. The book is fun and tells the fantastic story of a racing fan who becomes an expert.

Furthermore, the emergence of bookmakers and betting platforms in today’s world has resulted in a more informed race-goer public. Information about various horses and jockeys is readily available on numerous websites, which has broadened the sport’s scope and attracted new audiences. Indeed, the use of an online sportsbook has helped to push this activity even further and take its popularity to new heights. Couple this with how passionate fans are with the sport, it becomes a must-read book for those continuing to enhance the love they have for the two activities!

History of Horse Racing- First Past the Post

Horse racing enthusiasts who love history must get this great book. It provides a thorough examination of some of the best riders, horses, and trainers that the horse racing period has ever seen. This multibillion-dollar enterprise is shown through more than 220 pictures, photos, and paintings. From its beginning to the present, horse racing is covered in this book. Even some of the spectacular hallmark racecourses and athletes featured in the sport are discussed in depth.


Laura Hillenbrand’s Seabiscuit is among the most incredible horse racing books ever published. It is the story of a great racehorse and three men who created an era in horse racing heritage by winning numerous races. Readers will discover a great deal about horse racing overall while following the incredible story of this astonishing horse in this book. It contains character development, and the writing is very descriptive, making the reader feel like watching a horse race live.

The Horse God Built

Eddie Sweat’s story of Secretariat, the renowned Triple Crown champion racehorse, is one that will captivate horse lovers everywhere. Through Lawrence Scanlan’s depiction from Eddie Sweat’s perspective — who acted as Secretariat’s groom and hence knew him best — it becomes clear why this beloved steed is widely considered to be the greatest racehorse ever. Not only was he a record-breaking success on the track but his bond with his humble groom serves as an inspiring reminder of how even those without similar business fortunes can experience true joy through companionship.

Wild Ride Wild Ride

The book written by Ann Hagedorn Auerbach is a captivating story that will keep readers turning the pages. This book describes Ann Hagedorn Auerbach’s investigation into the collapse of the billion-dollar thoroughbred horse breeding industry. This book spans an extended period, following four generations of diverse characters. Readers’ excitement while reading this book describes it, and the plot warns listeners of the power of greed. The book contains insightful information that has been thoroughly examined and researched.


Horse racing has always remained very popular since its inception. Hundreds of people are interested in learning more about the game, while others want to place bets on it. We have gathered some fantastic horse racing books for those who wish to increase their interest and thrill in the game. We hope you enjoyed reading our list of the best books.


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