The Double Bottom Line by Donato Tramuto

Title: The Double Bottom LineAuthor: Donato TramutoPublisher: Fast Company PressGenre: Business, LeadershipFirst Publication: 2023Language: English Book Overview / Summary Today’s workforce comprises 5 different generations and is becoming increasingly...

Digital Belonging by Yogesh Soni

In Digital Belonging, Yogesh Soni integrates the most recent findings from the fields of motivation, creativity, organisational behaviour, neuroscience, and management to uncover the factors that actually contribute to our performance in our professional lives.

Internet Moguls of the World by Avijit Arya

'Internet Moguls of the World' is a compilation of research, stories, and strategies that showcase innovative leadership through technology in a cutting-edge manner. With insights from information technology practitioners, leadership experts, technology consultants, and, of course, organization leaders, this book provides an insider's perspective.

SimplyMutual: The 1% Formula by Deepak Mullick

Title: SimplyMutual: The 1% FormulaAuthor: Deepak MullickPublisher: Notion PressGenre: Business, Strategy and AnalysisFirst Publication: 2021Language: English  Book Summary: SimplyMutual: The 1% Formula by Deepak Mullick Discover the power of your...
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Design Your PERSONAL BRAND Presence by Diya Asrani

Title: Design Your PERSONAL BRAND PresenceAuthor: Diya AsraniPublisher: Notion PressGenre: Personal Transformation, Business Self-helpFirst Publication: 2021Language: English  Book Summary: Design Your PERSONAL BRAND Presence by Diya Asrani In...

Leading the Way by Prashant Handoo

Title: Leading the WayAuthor: Prashant HandooPublisher: Penman BooksGenre: Self Help, Leadership, BusinessFirst Publication: 2020Language: English  Book Summary: Leading the Way by Prashant Handoo Leading the Way by Prashant Handoo is...

Book Review: Alchemy of Change by H N Arora, Rajan Sinha

The problem discussed in Alchemy of Change is a real one - how does one get a large organization to significantly change what it is doing without chaos breaking out and lots of time, energy, and resources being wasted?

Book Review: Moment of Signal by Sreedhar Bevara

What I love most about this book, Moment of Signal, is the zero nonsense it allows. I read this when I really needed a kick up the backside, and it did that. The book builds on the premise that the circumstances affect us not as much by how good/bad they are but how we react to them.
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