The Billion Dollar Spy by David E. Hoffman

David E. Hoffman has produced a nonfiction spy thriller that will enthrall intelligence aficionados and casual readers alike with its brilliant reconstruction of an espionage Cold War epic. Bringing to light secrets kept hidden for decades, The Billion Dollar Spy shines a revealing light on sacrifice, loyalty and geopolitical upheaval through the lens of one man's courageous betrayal.

Becoming by Michelle Obama

Becoming by Michelle Obama is one of the most powerful memoirs ever written. It is not an inspirational one nor a controversial one not even a political book of secrets - the book's strength lies in it's simple candid ring side view of a stellar life of a woman of great importance.

Book Review: The Game Of Votes by Farhat Basir Khan

The basic premise of The Game of Votes by Farhat Basir Khan rests on the calculation made to differentiate successful election practices from unsuccessful ones. It is filled with amazing insider details about every big campaign in the last forty years.

15 Books about Trump and the White House

There are many books about Trump and his presidency have been written and published in last few years. From latest release, Fear: Trump in...
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