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Books Worth Reading for Manga and Anime Fans

Anime and manga fans have a unique taste for books and stories. Given the unique conventions and forms of storytelling used by Japanese artists that create manga and anime, it’s not too often that westerner fans can find fictional books for capturing their interests. Fortunately, we have found some books for anime and manga fans that represented similar culture and can be entertaining for them. Take a look at the books every anime fan should consider as well as why it’s good to share your preferences with fellow anime enthusiasts.

Share Your Book Preferences with Other Anime Lovers

Why should you bother becoming more well-read if you primarily enjoy manga and anime in the first place? This is a fair question, but the answer is rather simple, too. If you’re single and looking to meet someone who loves anime just as much as you, it’s best to have a whole arsenal of good topics to talk about, including books. Once you have enlightened yourself with some good books that share themes and properties with anime, you’ll want to find a good partner to connect with.

The easiest way to meet someone like you is to join a dating site for anime fans by choosing from a list of the best. Using an entire website full of fellow anime and manga lovers will cut down on the amount of time you spend seeking a compatible partner, and it’s full of single people. That gives you the edge when it comes to finding great matches. Knowing where to find potential matches will help you a great deal, but it’s also important to know which popular book series will help you garner interest and generate quality conversations.

4 Books for Anime Fans

Anime and manga are vastly different from western novels and comic books, but that doesn’t mean these differences haven’t been bridged in some ways. For example, one of the more popular forms of anime, Shonen, often features a coming-of-age plot, magical powers, and other unique elements that are somewhat common in some western books. Take a look at some of the stories that have adopted these aspects and become stories that anime-lovers enjoy.

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

A hero named Kvothe has been sought out and asked to tell his story. He has been called the “Kingkiller,” a masterful magician, and “the bloodless.” The Name of the Wind tracks the young Kvothe through his introduction to magic and during his school days, where he makes friends and enemies in equal measure.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Although it’s certainly not a Shonen, American Gods features Shadow Moon, a man caught up in the battle between the old and new gods. His attempt to wrap his mind around the craziness that exists emulates the struggles of a younger person stepping into a world that he has to help save.

Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan

The book follows a father and his son as they engage in a coup against a tyrannical leader and try to foster peace in its wake. The two are talented “powder mages,” enhancing their combat prowess by ingesting black powder. Complicating matters is the rumor that a legitimate deity is about to make a grand return.

Celestia Chronicles: Fire and Water by Anagha Ratish

Written by a very talented 12-year-old, the Fire and Water is a book that features a unique magic system, a magical land, and a protagonist who has to fight against the forces of evil. This page-turner is great for younger people.

Each of these books has some similarity to anime, so you (and perhaps your partner) will enjoy it!

Being well-read can help you expand your friendships and entice romantic partners. If you’re a dedicated anime and manga fan, you may find it’s useful to read some of these suggested books. You might just find that many of the things you enjoy about anime are present in these stories, so you can foster relationships and your love of good tales at the same time.

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