Book Review: Whispers Of My Soul by Rajiv Bhatia

Book Review: Whispers Of My Soul by Rajiv Bhatia

Title: Whispers Of My SoulBook Review - Whispers Of My Soul by Rajiv Bhatia

Author: Rajiv Bhatia

Publisher: Notion Press

Genre:  Poetry

First Publication: 2019

Language: English

Book Summary: Whispers Of My Soul

Whispers of My Soul attempts to capture the emotions, as they appear, with all humans from time to time. The soul–arguably the purest creation of God–goes through a multitude of emotions over the years like anger, lust, envy, joy, sorrow, memories, beautiful sights and relationships–all of them consume us at some time or the other and really fuel our life.

It is the life that appears pure and unadulterated without any conditioning or effect of reason or logic. While all of these are transient feelings, they have an important place in our life. Nearly everyone will find a parallel in some of these emotions, if not all, to empathize and reflect it in their life in some way or the other. There is no need to laugh or cry about these. Rather, embrace them as flesh and blood and rejoice with them.

Book Review: Whispers Of My Soul

The poetry book Whispers of My Soul by Rajiv Bhatia is filled with some interesting musings, some quite well-worded verses.  The tenderness and the kindness in here are breath-taking. This is beautiful. Makes you think of your life how it has been in the past and what will fulfil it in the future. There’s nothing like an over powering of sadness to make you stop and think. Author Rajiv Bhatia knows how to fill your soul with words like make you stop and think so deeply about what has mattered to yourself.

I like how each poem is labelled on what Author was feeling at the time and what mood he was in when he wrote that poem.

There were many poems  that really touched me (like, seriously, they touched my heart. . .) and I liked how the poems are not just thrown together and there is actually some kind of flow to it if you pay attention to it enough. A lot are pretty much related in a way.

The intensity of this poetry book is that it actually tells the readers straight up what the author thinks and feels. It does not sugar-coat anything, especially the topics here that really matters (memories, relationships, joy or sorrow). This is what I interpreted from it though.

I loved many of the poems from the book. They’re the perfect balance of honest feelings and hope with the raw emotion bleeding through it. And that second last poem (The Poet in Your Closet). . . pure. Just, pure love. It is wonderful.  It made me think, it made me feel better. I can’t share all of my favorite poems from this book, but here is one.

The Poet in Your Closet

Half cooked verses
Off sound rhymes
Unfinished breaths
Scrambled heart chimes

You scrape your heart
Unsure of what you get
But don’t you hide
The poet in your closet

Say aloud this life
In all its mould
The joy in your thought
The teal unrolled

Splash the moods in you
Spread your natural hue
Pour all your fetish
Let the soul its due

Let it then flow
Before it gets cold
Don’t hush a whisper
Unsaid and untold

Poems are always your own interpretation of what you are reading. . . practically all books are.

And I want to just say about the images. They are so perfect. They stole me and sold me into reading this and finishing it. This is definitely a book I would go back to again and again. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a good poetic read to let sweep across their soul in the depths of the night.

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