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Book Review: What The Eyes See by Nitya Ravi

Title: What The Eyes See

Author: Nitya Ravi

Publisher: Invincible Publishers

Genre: Short Stories

First Publication: 2019

Language: English

Book Summary: What The Eyes SeeBook Review - What The Eyes See by Nitya Ravi

How much of what you see can you believe?

How much can you trust yourself and the people around you?

Sometime into the future, a 60-year-old man is suspicious about the Artificial Intelligence he has procured for his home.

Back in the 70’s, a man visiting his hometown for vacation has the most terrifying experience of his life.

In Delhi, a young woman gets a beautiful gift, which she later realizes might not be so beautiful after all.

In Dubai, a young entrepreneur realizes that giving lift to strangers might lead to horrifying consequences.

These and many more… Rated by Times of India as ‘Freshly Baked Best Dark Stories of 2019’, ‘What the Eyes See’ is a collection of 7 unique and dark stories. Each story presents the fact that maybe what you see and what you think might not always be what it is.

Book Review: What The Eyes See by Nitya Ravi

What The Eyes See by Nitya Ravi is a fascinating and sometimes disturbing collection of seven short stories. Author Nitya Ravi blends science fiction with more conventional literary form to showcase issues of dangerous desire, technology gone awry, and the past that reveal secrets both sinister and important. Across these stories runs a theme of dark human nature and it’s consequences. I most appreciated how author Nitya took her characters into vivid and uncomfortable emotions and experiences, as that set apart her writing from many other works that explore similar topics.

Author Nitya’s short story collection, What The Eyes See, is full of strange, haunted characters confronting some of the darker parts of human existence—from loneliness and mortality to dark secrets buried deep down in the past. In her surreal and often frightening world, the mundane becomes transformative, both literally and figuratively.

“What scares me more than ghosts, spirits or the likes is the darkness of the human mind especially with the ones who think its alright to hurt someone.”

The stories in What The Eyes See keep getting better as the book goes on, and by the end I was spellbound. These stories explore not only the extraneous terrors (the dark night and the unknown horrors it holds), but the deep-down fears and savagery and strangeness that exist beyond our understanding. Author Nitya mines the depths of our subconscious inhumanity to reveal what connects us in ways we can’t imagine, and in her fantastic stories it feel the real and familiar. What The Eyes See is not an outside entity, but our own humanity and the spookiness of these stories stems from the characters’ motives and desires.

What The Eyes See by Nitya Ravi was an excellent collection of stories, where each story felt completely different than the one before. I would recommend this collection to anyone who likes to read about human’s dark intentions and desires and wants to feel at least a little unsettled by their next read.

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