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Book Review – The Startup’s guide to Sales by Roshan Louis Josheph & Ram Mohan Menon

Title: The Startup’s guide to Sales

Authors: Roshan Louis Josheph & Ram Mohan Menon

Publisher: Sage Publications

Genre: Business, Entrepreneurship

First Publication: 2020

Language: English


Book Summary: The Startup’s guide to SalesThe Startup's guide to Sales

From that gleam in your eye, to prototype, to production— you are all set to wow the world with your genius. You take the first step towards your goal and realize that between you and the consumer is a moat full of dragons, demons and turbulence that you must cross to make it to ‘Start-up Paradise’.

The Start-up’s Guide to Sales is a practical book that helps you navigate the perils of wrong selling. This is not sales theory, but a ‘tried-out’ recipe book for success. Read on and sail the choppy waters with sales savvy!

Roshan L Joseph and Ram Mohan Menon, mavens of sales, distribution and marketing, have trudged through global markets to find what works and what must be avoided. The language is distilled and easy, and their advice is clear and unambiguous for they have been there and done that.


Book Review: The Startup’s guide to Sales

Every now and then you come across a book that obviously get to the heart of the matter of the subject with insights so practical that ring so true, that you know you have found someone who has actually lived the subject. That is my experience with this book. The authors, Roshan Louis Joseph and Ram Mohan Menon, obviously have lived the subject of sales and sales management. Their insights are candid, clear and cut through the theory right to the how-to for good sales management.

Authors’ writing style is engaging and highly accessible. At times, they seemingly read the mind of the reader and offer simple metaphors and typical human activities to illustrate a particular finding or concept. They present occasional glimpses into their personal experiences and incorporates just enough humor to make you smile as you read. Their writing is informed by a clear mission and is well-organized, so a reader finishes the books with some textbook-like information written in a pseudo-self help style.

The Startup’s Guide to Sales is an excellent book about sales prospecting and new business development. The authors offer specific advice with things you can do with examples. Sales follows strategy. The sales team’s job is to take a clear strategy and execute it to perfection in the market. And it is the CEO’s/management’s job to determine and articulate the company’s strategy.

This book provides good techniques and ideas around “complex” sale strategies. For someone new to sales, or new to complex sales (where there are many influencers and stakeholders), this is a good book to work through. I would highly recommend The Startup’s Guide to Sales  to anyone that needs to lead sales teams, even if you don’t intend to coach them (you REALLY should though), from CEOs to small business owners.

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