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Book Review: Silver Hair Sins by Saumick Pal

Title: Silver Hair SinsSilver Hair Sins by Saumick Pal

Author: Saumick Pal

Publisher: The Write place

Genre: Science Fiction

First Publication: March 2019

Language: English

Major Characters: Akbar, Meera, Mary, Azad, Aasma

Narration: Third Person


Book Summary: Silver Hair Sins

Silver Hair Sins is one of India’s first visual-fiction, with more than half of the thriller narrated by cinematized photographs.

It’s 2200 AD and mankind has almost devolved to self-destruction because of religio-politico divide. So, the elders use an Artificial Intelligence (AI) to merge All Religions to create One GOD AI. But what if this GOD AI goes rogue?

Set in this backdrop is the story of Aasma. The narrative follows her journey from an innocent eight-year-old girl to a believing teenager and then ultimately a disillusioned adult, as she navigates societal stereotypes to discover the true meaning of morality.


Character List: Silver Hair Sins

Akbar: He almost always has his hair pulled up in the usual bun. He believes that this would ensure that his famous Apathy-bar-Cocktails don’t add a sudden dash of the flavor of human hair in them. His only dislike- extremists. And his only love- his daughter Meera.

Meera: Her long black hair seemed to deceitfully compliment her dark black deep-set eyes to overshadow her frail body. Her only desire is to be a regular teenager, with a regular life, free of needles, radiation machines and the sterile smell of hospital waiting lounges. Her idol- her father Akbar and his faith in her.

Mary: The Greek goddesses have been kind to her, abundantly lending her their beauty. Her glazed beautiful light-caramel skin makes her green eyes even more mysterious, especially as it’s set in the backdrop of her greyish silver hair.She speaks and sings with a Californian accent, and a phrase she commonly says when startled, or scared is “Shut up, you sinner!”

Azad: He is meticulous, kind, polite and patient. He reveres sacrifice as the ultimate symbol of nationalism. His blue eyes are full of ambition. He is averse to debates/opinions which goes against the state. Azad is an ideal citizen.

Aasma: The spark in her eyes defined her exuberance, not that the beauty of her hazel eyes was left behind anyhow. She has glossy skin. A sculptor could not have fashioned her seraph’s ears and pixie’s nose any better.  She had a joyous personality and a soothing voice. She wore kid-ult clothes in an offbeat way.


Book Review: Silver Hair Sins

This is actually a book with good messages (for the time) about equality, and one which poses interesting philosophical questions about what happens with races with orthogonal thought processes come into contact, and how far one can or should go in such situations.

Is it really possible for AI to acquire human traits like empathy and the desire to understand the meaning of life and avoid death at all costs? What would the role of socialism play in an AI world? Would self-aware machines seek out to destroy anything that threatened their existence or tried to control their thoughts (i.e. programming).

If you are a fan of relevant science fiction, I would recommend this book. I ended up reading this one in a single sitting to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

The central theme in Silver Hair Sins has been picked up: man managed to create an “inferior” version of man in order to make use of that product for their own benefit: as slaves, as company. For example, what would happen if Dr. Frankenstein’s patent would expire and his creation would be mass-produced, made more aesthetically pleasing and completely void of emotions. Inferior is relative though, because the AI machines are generally more intelligent and agile. And most look very attractive, which helps.

That’s where the philosophical aspect comes in: What is it that makes us so different from these creations that makes us essentially human? According to society in this book, it’s empathy. The ability to feel for others, to manage to go through what they’re going through by some mystic group connection.

The atmosphere created in the book is supreme. Author Saumick Pal creates a world full of doubt and conspiracy. AI could be anywhere and they could be anyone. As technology advances it becomes harder and harder for them to be detected. They even think they are human with a will and freedom to choose their own lives.

The nightmare feel of the book is CROSP (Criminal Reform One Silver Program) which makes punishment for a criminal(!) so vulnerable. It is so terrifying to even imagine that these fluid elements in the story where there are some shifts between dreamworlds and reality are part of what constitutes the nightmare experience for human.

My reading-experience of this book was amplified after each chapter. The images in between pages are simply sublime and provided the perfect framework in which the story could be set, also in my mind. This is a great novel, one that questions existence itself. It certainly made me think.

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