Book Review: Finding Myself by Nandini Dhanani

Book Review: Finding Myself by Nandini Dhanani

Title: Finding MyselfFinding Myself

Author: Nandini Dhanani

Publisher: BecomeShakespeare

Genre: Contemporary, Romance Fiction

First Publication: 2019

Language: English

Major Characters: Priya, Ajai, Gaurav

Book Summary: Finding Myself

Priya Wadhwani’s life is complicated as is her fate. After breaking her engagement with Gaurav, catching him kissing her best friend on their engagement day, she flees to London. Her life seems to be overflowing with wrong choices ranging from drugs to men.

As she decides to come back to her roots; India, she meets her Mr.Right – Ajai Mirchandani. Succumbing to lust on the eve of Ajai’s wedding, Priya is determined to change. Her family struggles to find her a perfect groom. They finally succeed but… Priya still doesn’t get her happily ever after.

While her dysfunctional family tries to keep up appearances. Priya takes charge of her life after a life-changing event. Will Priya find what she is searching for? Will she finally get her happily ever after?

Book Review: Finding Myself

Completely compelling from the very first page Finding Myself is a beautifully written novel by Nandini Dhanani; an authentic and intriguing family drama that had me completely hooked.

It is about the breakdown of an engagement, the heartache and sometimes ultimate life affirmation this can bring; a story about how we can never really know each other. This one truly spoke to me – the couple in this tale have been together a long time, yet here they are in absolute crisis. The story touched a nerve but only in a good way – I related so much to Priya; especially as a lot of her thoughts and emotions so closely mirrored my own.

On the opposite side of that is Gaurav – a man who cheated on with Priya on their engagement day,  leading to their split. Nothing is ever as simple as that though. The author does a really terrific job of delving beneath the surface of her character; showing that in anything there are two sides to the story.

There is even more depth to it to be had in the form of Ajai Mirchandani, With whom Priya involved romantically after coming back to India, this does not lessen the problems in her life. As more secrets begin to surface, it is utterly engaging and really gripping.

The best part is the emotional impact – you feel right alongside the characters in this novel; you may take sides but in the end we can really only ever be who we are – a truth that Nandini Dhanani obviously knows for sure.

Author Interview with Nandini Dhanani | The Author of Finding Myself

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