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Book Review: Once Again Love by Sarita Mathur

Title: Once Again LoveBook Review Once Again Love by Sarita Mathur

Author: Sarita Mathur

Genre:  Poetry, Self-Help

First Publication: 2013

Language: English


Book Summary: Once Again Love

Extended Description In the motivational collection Once Again Love, author Sarita Mathur introduces readers to the joy of a life filled with love through a whimsical mixture of poetry and prose. At times heartbreaking, Sarita’s recollection of the experiences that brought her to this point of inner radiance remains an uplifting testament to the power of positive thinking.

Sarita always considered herself a happy and content individual. However, when she awoke from a routine surgery to correct a painful back ailment, she instantly knew something was very, very wrong. For the first time in her life, Mathur felt depressed, even contemplating suicide at times. Doctors told her that an unforeseen side effect of the surgery had led to severely low serotonin levels in her brain, causing this debilitating state of depression.

Once Again Love tells the story of Sarita’s journey towards recovery as she rediscovers the inner peace that love can bring.


Book Review: Once Again Love

As with all poetry books, I took my time reading it as to not rush it and to absorb the meanings behind each piece. Loved the titles of all the poems. I also liked that it wasn’t all about love, but more about rediscovering forgotten or underestimated lessons of life.

I liked everything about this book. It was very tender yet blunt, and describes a sort of sadness I feel anyone could relate to, as well as incredibly touching inspiration. The author, Sarita Mathur, is so creative, and places a large emphasis on creativity, which is refreshing to see. It definitely makes the reader think. There is just something so very human about this book.

When I chose to read this book Once Again Love, I had no idea what I was going in for. This was the debut book for the author Sarita Mathur and I cannot help but say that I was fascinated. But that aside, this was a book filled with hauntingly beautiful poems. By no right can anyone say a negative word about the book. The ideas were spectacular. It was amazing reading the book.

The book is basically divided into 22 chapters. Each chapter is filled with a variety of verses and lines. Some of them were so pretty that they gave me goose bumps! I also liked how author attached her experiences in lines with each poem, gives me a very special feel. I also liked the way the poet connected with me, thanks to the poems. It’s a rarity these days and I am all but happy for it.

One of my favourite poem was from Chapter 8: I Want to Be Strong Like the Sun

I Am Strong Like the Sun

I am strong like the sun
And always happy
When the day is done.
For I have always stood for what is right,
Even when the future was not bright,
And it would be easy to give up and say
Hey, I do not have to have my way.
Let us keep the status quo –
Peace, no need to ask for more.
Yet I am strong like the sun;
It is what I wanted to become –
Tall and straightforward as can be,
Kindness and compassion radiate from me,
Knowing right from wrong,
Yes, I am strong
And can make decisions
And be
Just and fair to everybody,
Including myself.
I never forget me.
I am also a part of everybody:
The Universal Soul,
Happy to be good to everybody.
I can no longer a victim be,
For I am ready to take responsibility.

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