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Book Review: First Love by Sheeja Jose

Title: First LoveBook Review: First Love by Sheeja Jose

Author: Sheeja Jose

Publisher: FingerPrint Publishing

Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

First Publication: 2019

Language: English

Major Characters: Tina, Aditya Kapoor, Rachel, Minu


Book Summary: First Love by Sheeja Jose

Tina is seventeen. Wonderful! Fell in love at thirteen. Amazing! She is no longer a virgin. So cool! But she is still in love with her first love. To say that Tina has the perfect love story will be no exaggeration. But her love loves her back only in her dreams.

In real life, he is busy skirt-chasing every single girl except her. Years pass, and Tina finds it impossible to get over him. She is determined to make her first love her last, even if she gets hurt again and again.

Will Tina get the happy ending she so desperately wants?

A passionate love story, first love journeys through the love of two youngsters as they get hurt, suffer heartbreaks, and love with an unending passion.


Book Review: First Love by Sheeja Jose

First Love by Sheeja Jose was my blackout read and it served its purpose incredibly well. I was utterly absorbed by this story of Tina – much more than I ever expected to be. This book reminded me that I am a closet romantic and I really do enjoy romance when it’s done well. Even when prickly Tina and coquettish Adi were saying some pretty cheesy things to each other, my cringe level stayed surprisingly low. But then, Author Sheeja Jose does such a wonderful job of bucking the typical YA romance roles.

The book is about first love, the one you remember for the rest of your life. Tina, a happy-go-lucky girl and the only child of single mother, has a thorny personality, and has to deal with some extreme situation at very young age. Tina falls for Aditya Kapoor who is busy chasing every single girl except Tina.

I had a smile on my face from beginning to end. There are some serious topics dealt with, but Tina handled them with a strength that is rare at that age. This book should be on the reading list at school for teens. It has some adult language but is so in context with the characters and story that it seems insignificant. This is the story of two teens who individually are so different from each other, that they are either ignored or scorned almost constantly.

This book can be enjoyed by adults as well as teens for there are lessons within that can be learned by all. I loved how the characters weren’t your typical love story characters and how they were so unique. This book is real. The people are real, flawed, awful, wonderful, beautiful, ugly and real. What happens is real. It’s fun, and it’s real, and the way that Author Sheeja has captured this truth, this reality, is magnificent.

I have never seen warts-and-all humanity and relationships, both romantic and familial, captured so well in a YA book. I not only loved Tina and Adi, but I loved their friends, and loved Tina’ mother Rachel. Rachel’s character so much wonderful that I would read an entire book just about her.

This book is a typical rainy day read. It’s cute, easy to read, you don’t have to think a lot about the story, no big dramas or plot twists. You just read and suddenly you finish it. The story is cute and witty, I laughed many times over the course of 270 pages. The ending was satisfying.

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