Book Review: All Lies, Says Krishna by J Rajasekharan Nair

Book Review: All Lies, Says Krishna by J Rajasekharan Nair

Title: All Lies, Says KrishnaBook Review: All Lies Says Krishna by J Rajasekharan Nair

Author: J Rajasekharan Nair

Publisher: FingerPrint Publishing

Genre: Mythology Fiction

First Publication: 2019

Language: English

Book Summary: All Lies, Says Krishna

Its thirty-six years after the Great War of Kurukshetra. The curse of a bereaved mother has deprived Krishna of everything, except his life. And so he journeys to Vrindavan, the village of his innocence, to spend the concluding hours of his life with his childhood friend and lover, Radha.

In her presence, Krishna peels off the layers of myth that portrayed him as the incarnation of God. And at her request, he retells the story of the Mahabharata, like you have never heard before. All lies, says Krishna is an emotional journey into the tortured inner universe of its central characters, focussing more on their flailings than on their heroism.

A charismatic retelling of the Mahabharata, this compellingly told narrative has a distinctive voice which sets it apart from anything you have ever read.

Book Review: All Lies, Says Krishna

All Lies, Says Krishna by Rajasekharan Nair is an amazing book, utterly fascinating and compelling. Quite unusual and exceptional story. I like Krishna (Who doesn’t!), He is a strong Man (god) and a courageous leader. The book cover says “We are our pyre. We only lit to cool our soul in flames. Dear Radha, we are our dreams drowned in our pyre. Neti Neti Neti”. Yes, that sums it up about this great story.

This is not one of those stories that end at the beginning. What I mean by that is that a lot happens between the first and last chapters. It progresses in an interesting way because, After thirty-six years of the great war of Kurukshetra, Krishna comes back to Vrindavan to spend his final days with Radha and retells the story of Mahabharat and peels off the layers of myth that portrayed him as the incarnation of God.

All Lies, Says Krishna is beautifully written and very engaging. I found myself emerged in this book and savoured every page. Fiction and mythology blend beautifully to create a spellbinding book that does not disappoint. I’ll admit, I’m a fan of Indian Mythology. And I have a basic understanding of who is who but nothing in-depth. One does not need to know much about mythology to appreciate and enjoy All Lies, Says Krishna. The Author Rajasekharan Nair does a great job with words and describes the characters brilliantly. I never felt like he was educating me on who was who. All the information flowed with the story.

As I stated this book was very well written, the story-line is engaging, intelligent and sucked me in. This book is told through Krishna’s POV and we get an inside glimpse into his thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Really incredible overall. I was amazed by how Author Rajasekharan Nair retells Mahabharata through Krishna’s POV and with wonderful personalizing touches and believable spins, all based on the vivid imagining of the author.

Absolutely enjoyable and entertaining! Highly recommend!

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