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Book Review: Dhruv by Karan Verma

Title: Dhruv – Love Story of an Alchemist

Author: Karan Verma

Publisher: Rupa Publication

Genre: Romance Fiction

Major Characters: Dhruv, Emma, Sudama, Ram Samrat

First Publication: 2020

Language: English


Book Summary: Dhruv by Karan VermaBook Review - Dhruv by Karan Verma

Some love stories are cherished, some become folklore, but the saga of Dhruv and Emma marks the ascension of a man who goes on to become a legend. The holy Ghats of Banaras are witness to the inspiring story of Dhruv, the proverbial shining star, who is destined for greatness, but ravaged by misfortune and deceit.

Blessed by goddess Saraswati with an indomitable spirit, Dhruv dares to dream and rise above, as he and Emma embark on a journey of passion, redemption and dharma.

Will Dhruv discover the higher purpose of his life?
Will the love of Dhruv and Emma be fulled, or is it destined to be a tale of pain and melancholy?
Can a man overcome misfortune and predestined hardships by the power of his will and karma?

Inside each one of us, there is an alchemist raring to come out and spread its magic.


Book Review: Dhruv by Karan Verma

It is rare to find a book that has the ability to make the reader look at life through a different lens, forcing us to re-examine our values, prejudices, morals and ethics. ‘Dhruv: Love Story of an Alchemist’ is such a book that will touch your soul and may change your life.

I was awed by the author Karan Verma’s ability to weave a story filled with hope and love, while realistically addressing the not so nice, sometimes ugly, realities of living with a grief. Dhruv by Karan Verma is such a beautiful book. Not beautiful in the literal sense, but everything it symbolizes. It tackles so many themes, and this list of my personal favorites only covers a few: perception and reality, the dreams, past versus present versus future, the morality of the 21st century, etc.

“Hope is a strange thing. It keeps you going and at the same time it instils fear – a fear of the untoward.”

My favorite part of the novel was Dhruv’s pursuit of Emma and everything that stood for. Not only is their romance breath-taking and heartstrings-pulling at the literal level, but how Author Karan Verma crafted their connection in such a way to represent their persistent hope yet unattainable goal for the future blew me away. And the ending is always resonating in my head. Those humble and yet magnificent words. Karan Verma created a meaningful and beautiful work without sounding pretentious nor mechanical. A remarkable task. Above all the superficiality of the characters, their strange yet familiar vision of the world, there is a story of love, regret and lost hopes.

Dhruv by Karan Verma is a fantastic story with so many components and a ton to say about life. The characters felt so alive. The setting and the description of Banaras felt familiar. The pace and turns in the plot seemed to call you to jump inside the book. I can not stress enough how touching and beautiful this story is. I would encourage everyone to read this book.

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