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Book Review: A Marketplace For Murder by Debleena Majumdar

Title: A Marketplace For MurderBook Review: A Marketplace for Murder by Debleena Majumdar

Author: Debleena Majumdar

Publisher: Vishwakarma Publications

Genre: Mystery Thriller

First Publication: 2019

Language: English

Major Characters: Leena, Mahesh, Abhimanyu, Hiren, Mohan

Narration: Third Person limited, and First Person (For Antagonist)


Book Summary: A Marketplace For Murder

A mother, a wife, a business reporter, a friend, Leena’s world is always on precarious balance, specially given her penchant for clumsiness. But when her friend, Abhimanyu, and her ambitious cook both go missing and her archaeologist husband, Mahesh, makes a startling discovery, her world starts to topple over. A web of lies and deceit confront her.

Are these events connected? Is there a voice in the shadows she should recognize? Is there danger lurking close to her family? Can Leena find the answers before they threaten her own existence?

Read A Marketplace for Murder to find the answers

Is murder of a human body the only kind of murder? What about murder of an idea? What about murder of an identity? Those are questions the book delves into through a riveting whodunit and more importantly, a whydunit crime thriller.


Book Review: A Marketplace For Murder

A Well-Written Who-Done-It, Why-done-it and How-done-it.

‘A Marketplace for Murder’ takes place amid the world of high finance and banking frauds. Author Debleena Majumdar does an excellent job introducing the myriad characters of the story without overpowering the reader with a flood of information.

Leena’s world goes upside down when her friend Abhimanyu and her cook go missing and her husband Mahesh, an archaeologist, makes a startling discovery. The police are convinced that Abhimanyu is a fraud and ran away with public’s money. Leena knows she’s onto something. She, with her husband, embarks on a journey to reveal lies and frauds and solve a murder mystery.

The plot line is fast-paced enough to keep the reader turning pages and yet sufficiently thorough in its development to allow for an engrossing study. Author weaves enough back-story into his writing to reveal to the reader the tenuous situation each character is facing at one point or another along the way.

The author, Debleena Majumdar, does a great job in narrating story by the changing POVs, from first person (in some chapters for Antagonist) to third person, without upsetting the balance of the story.

The characters play well off each other’s weaknesses and strengths making A Marketplace for Murder a mystery that is not easily solved. Each person in the story has task of their own to bring the story ahead; the reader is kept guessing until the end.

I’d recommend ‘A Marketplace for Murder’ to any serious mystery book lover. It will grab the reader’s attention right away and lead them inexorably to the unexpected finish.

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