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Top 7 Best Books on How to Calculate Your Chances of Winning at Casinos

Many players start their careers wondering how to win at a casino. The internet is full of theories and strategies, but most of them have no practical value. On the other hand, today we have an excellent choice of gambling books about casinos written by prominent authors and experts. These quality reading pieces help players win at casino games. Therefore, we bring you an insight into the best gambling books with real-life casino experiences.

How to Win Real Money in Casino Games?

There is no universal strategy but players have better chances if they listen to proven tips on winning at the casino. Experts always claim that playing demo modes is an excellent way to get the ropes.

Without investing, players familiarize themselves with rules and payout tables, getting an overview of gaming mechanics. Mobile casinos in New Zealand are a good example as they allow players to get in on real money casino games after learning how it works. You’ll find, for instance, that even a tiny bet triggers a progressive jackpot. Also, it’s a chance to deploy strategies like Martingale or Fibonacci on roulette.

Another way to win is to get a book about gambling and arm yourself with practical knowledge even before entering the casino. Let’s check how it works before making a final judgment.

“Casino Craps: Strategies for Reducing the Odds Against You” by Robert R. Roto

The expert insight on the fastest-paced casino game elaborates on the best chances to improve your bankroll. The author covers all available bets, bringing a simplified yet complete analysis. So, the readers learn more about bet patterns, progressions, money management, and professional play. The goal is to keep winning with fair consistency to enter online casino real money NZ sites as a seasoned player.


Casino Craps: Strategies for Reducing the Odds Against You
Author:Robert R. Roto
Key Insights:

Maximizing the players’ winning odds through systems of variable risk and aggressiveness.

“Probability Guide to Gambling: The Mathematics of Dice, Slots, Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Lottery, and Sport Bets” by Catalin Barboianu

After spending time studying mathematical models underlying games of chance, Catalin Barboianu brings every type of gaming event with its complete methodology. It helps discover the actual odds and returns related to precise mathematical formulas. We emphasize the “Guide to Numerical Results” chapter as it provides casino secrets to winning in a desired gaming situation.

Title:Probability Guide to Gambling: The Mathematics of Dice, Slots, Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Lottery, and Sport Bets
Author:Catalin Barboianu
Key Insights:Probability-based strategy on winning dice, table games, slots, lottery, and sports betting book. Mathematical suggestive examples and classification of the gaming events.

“The Mathematics of Gambling” by Edward Thorp

The renowned author of “Beat the Dealer” includes gambling mathematics to help players win popular casino games. You’ll learn which gambling games you cannot beat and why. The money management chapter focuses on maximizing your return and risk-mitigation strategies. Likewise, Roulette fans will enjoy Thorp’s use of physics laws in predicting the following winning number.

Title:The Mathematics of Gambling
Author:Edward Thorp
Key Insights:Discoveries of the “Albert Einstein of Gambling” in his thirty-year computer-assisted research on winning real-money games.

“A Magical Guide Of Winning Big In Any Casino” by George Smith

One of the best books on gambling maximizes winnings and reduces possible losses. George Smith writes for recreational gamers and high rollers. It includes proven strategies and insights in ten chapters. Moreover, there’s a blog with additional content and successful gambling stories.

Title:A Magical Guide Of Winning Big In Any Casino
Author:George Smith
Key Insights:Increase your big win chances with the best roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and slots strategies.

“Beat the Odds: How to Win at Gambling” by J. Edward Allen

Through 64 comprehensive yet easy-to-read chapters, Allen displays the rules of widespread casino games. To clarify, readers learn to differentiate bets, odds, and payoffs. Inside secrets and strategies combine helpful information with solid winning techniques.

Title:Beat the Odds: How to Win at Gambling
Author:J. Edward Allen
Key Insights:The best-selling casino games guide includes rules and bets on table games, slots, and video poker for readers to enhance their winning odds.

“The Winner’s Guide to Casino Gambling: Completely Revised and Updated” by Edwin Silberstang

The so-called “gamblers’ Bible” covers rules, a glossary, and tips on almost all modern gambling niches. Professional poker players will learn more about Caribbean Stud Poker. Other gamblers get timeless techniques to turn odds work in their favor. Moreover, there’s a tool on casino etiquette, winning-protection methods, and self-control. It is handy even for mobile casino games for real money, as a chapter covers electronic games of chance.

Title:The Winner’s Guide to Casino Gambling: Completely Revised and Updated
Author:Edwin Silberstang
Key Insights:The book explains the rules and house edge in various casino games. Chapters also cover keeping the bankroll intact through unlucky streaks.

“The Player’s Guide to Intelligent Gambling: How to Play Smart at Online Casinos” by Andrej Trajkovski

Become one of the most successful online casino players with this short read. The author teaches how to select the best casinos and take advantage of bonuses. Given it’s a contemporary edition, it also includes a chapter about the best casino apps to win real money.

Title:The Player’s Guide to Intelligent Gambling: How to Play Smart at Online Casinos
Author:Andrej Trajkovski
Key Insights:Tips for new and experienced online casino players. The book also includes money management techniques.


Books on gambling and casinos are handy for professional and recreational players. Yes, we live in a digital age, but online sites are not always helpful nor provide proven opinions. So, besides learning rules and implementing betting strategies in casinos, reading the expert tips and tricks increases your winning odds even more than playing demo versions. This way, besides casino security secrets, you’ll get comprehensive tools on rules and bets that online resources rarely mention. Moreover, many people forget the importance of money management, which is rarely covered by tipsters. The best part is, all mentioned titles have mobile and desktop-friendly versions, so they won’t interrupt any online session. Therefore, we suggest you grab an e-book reader and maximize your chances of scooping the big win.

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