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5 Books About Rosa Parks to Add to Your Bookshelf

The life of Rosa Parks is interesting and inspiring to any reader who embraces human rights and respect.

Rosa Parks was a celebrated American activist and part of the civil rights movement that was known for playing a major role in the bus boycott at Montgomery. She was nicknamed “the first lady of civil rights” by the United States Congress. Educators desire to teach the learners about this author and books are an excellent way to do so. The world of education recognizes five books that you can add to your bookshelf about Rosa Parks and its relevance.


Rosa Parks (History’s All-Stars) by Kathleen Kudlinski

Rosa was born in Tuskegee, Alabama, in 1913. She refused to surrender her seat to a white passenger in 1955, spurring a bus boycott. Montgomery city had to say “no” to segregation and discrimination on public vehicles. Rosa Parks received several awards, including the Congressional Gold Medal, Presidential of Freedom awards, and the NAACP’s award.

In this book, you can learn about Rosa Parks’s childhood, where she grew up to become a celebrated civil rights activist in the history of America. You also get to understand the significance of activism, identity, and respect for human rights.


A Picture Book of Rosa Parks (Adler A. David)

This book focuses on how Rosa parks refused to sacrifice her seat while on a bus, an act that led to the establishment of the civil rights movement. Upon her arrest in 1955, her disobedience act is what led to the Mongomery bus boycott that was led by Martin Luther King.

The public bus boycott was a demonstration against discrimination and segregation. You can find inspiration from this book by getting to learn about the issue of equality for all.

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The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks

This book was written by Jeanne Theoharis and its theme is how a single Act by Rosa Parks led to the birth of the modern civil rights movement. The book reveals how the activism years and the political life of Parks were. Theoharis shows readers how the movement of civil rights sought for many years to reveal and get rid of the racial caste system in America in schools, criminal justice, jobs, and public services.

This is one of the best books about Rosa Parks You need to get this book and learn about activism and how to assume roles at different stages of your life. You will also learn about Parks’s radicalism at different stages of the civil rights protest dubbed the Montgomery Bus Boycott.


If a Bus Could Talk: The Story of Rosa Parks

This book was written by Faith Ringgold. A girl by the name of Marcie happened to have a magical ride in a bus where the bus “talks” about Rosa Parks, civil rights movement mother. Since she was not white, Rosa could sit at the back or walk for miles and allow the white children to enjoy the ride.

Later, Rosa rejected a request to give up the seat in the bus and she encouraged black people to sit wherever they wanted. “ If a Bus Could Talk” is an excellent piece from where you can learn the importance of freedom and the limitations of racial discrimination.


I Am Rosa Parks

“I am Rosa Parks” was written by Brad Meltzer and it represents an excellent way to bring the history of America to life, especially for children. Meltzer realized that many young people look for heroes who can inspire them and he envisioned a gun approach to bibliography.

Every book in the series highlights the story of at least an American icon conventionally, targeting young readers and people who desire to have role models. This book can provide the ideal role models such that it supplements the common learning approaches in the classroom to inspire you to dream.



The life of Rosa Parks is interesting and inspiring to any reader who embraces human rights and respect. If you don’t have the above books about Rosa Parks in your library, get them and learn about the need to embrace equity and the relevance of activism in today’s society. The value of such historical books cannot be overemphasized and, indeed, they will continue to be relevant in the years to come.

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