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7 Most Useful Books for Law Students

Law is one of the most sought-after career choices among students as it comes with many and well-paying job opportunities. If you are aspiring to take a law course in the university, one of the major concerns could be to identify the right learning resources. Law may be inaccessible and complicated, especially for beginners and therefore challenging to identify the right starting point. Here is a list of seven useful books for law students that you can consider.


Bleak House by Charles Dickens

Useful and interesting reading is preferred and so you can find inspiration from this fiction book. Dickens was a great storyteller of his time and the book “Bleak House” is regarded as one of his best works.

In this book, a story is told of a court case about several wills. Most of the cases happen in London’s legal areas. This book is relevant because it can help you understand the tradition and character of the law profession. Technological innovation has made the world “smaller,” and so by reading this book, you can see how the legal profession emerged and appreciate its sequential transition.


Winning Arguments by Jay Heinrichs

Winning arguments focus on the advocacy theme. This theme requires to be explained further but it can give you a lot of inspiration as a law student. As you read this book, try to come up with some arguments that seem correct and give a fair representation on both sides. Winning arguments offers practical advice about idea restructuring and adopts rhetorical techniques.

As a law student, you desire to get good grades in your assignments, essays, and other academic work. One way to achieve this is by checking for free essay samples. The original essay samples can inspire and motivate you to write academic papers. Study the samples and gather insights into the best way to write the essays. You can relate the sample structure with what you learn from “winning arguments” regarding restructuring ideas.


About Law by Tony Honore

This book is a good read for beginners because of its quality and the fact that it is interesting. About law introduces concepts of law in the simplest terms possible. Honore is a renowned academic author and has condensed his knowledge into an interesting book that every law student must read.

Writing law essays is one of the most difficult tasks, especially for a beginner. Since the “About Law” book is short, you can finish reading and understanding it and have some time to do some research about writing essays. One of the ways through which you can learn about this is by studying law essay examples to find writing inspiration. Visit WritingBros for available essay samples for law students and access samples to see how you can write authoritative legislative essays with guaranteed accuracy.


Jeremy Hutchinson’s Case Histories by Thomas Grant

This book is about many court cases that Hutchinson Jeremy has been part of. Jeremy Hutchinson had been accused of having a “Profumo affair” and drug smuggling. Hutchinson was regarded as a very notorious character to have attended court proceedings in his time.

He is known to have used very impressive techniques to succeed in court. This book can let you have a thrilling taste and life importance as an advocate. You will be able to appreciate that advocacy is an art and justice may not necessarily represent the truth.


Lord Denning, A life by Iris Freeman

This biography should form part of your best reads because it is inspirational. Lord Denning is not only a good judge but is a key figure because he was able to rise to a higher position. He hailed from a poor background and did not have any legal background at an early age.

Whereas many judges are known for their wealth, Lord Denning worked hard from humble beginnings and rose to a Master’s position, which is the second-highest in the rank. Upon getting to the high position, Lord Denning did not forget where he came from and this is well-proven by his approach. A great lesson from this book is that your humble background cannot prevent you from becoming a great lawyer.


On Liberty by John Stuart Mill

This book has three components by John Stuart, Herbert Lionel, and Ronald Dworkin. Mill believed that an essential thing in society was an individual’s liberty. He argued that the law’s justification was to avoid harming others. Stuart is known for his famous essay title “ On Liberty.”

Hart considered law as a collection of rules created by human beings and that people are free to obey or disobey. Dworkin looked at law as a morality issue and so the two cannot be separated. By reading this book, you can understand the importance of creating rules and the relationship between law and morality.


Landmarks in the Law by Lord Denning

This is one of the basic books and covers lots of English law events and is valuable for any law students from a historical and legal perspective. Landmarks in the Law discusses different cases and people whose names are grouped as freedom of the press, high, treason, murder, and so on.

The author is also prestigious, skillful, and an influential judge. He focused on ensuring ordinary people can access law and he applied exceptional talent to meet this goal. If you cannot access the judgments of Lord Denning, this book will be the best.



If you want to take your legal studies a notch higher, consider reading the above books. Get to understand the authors and the themes of different books to suit the desired purpose. Start with the ones with basic content for beginners and progress to more advanced ones as you graduate from one level to another. The law books provide insights into the basic concepts, the emergence of law, common law cases for students.

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