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Top 6 Marketing Books to Expand Your Horizons

Marketing is the industry that keeps growing at a high pace, regardless of any worldwide crises. Experts in this field are responsible for helping companies grow, attracting new clients, and establishing brand awareness. In a nutshell, marketing specialists are responsible for creating engaging content, interacting with clients, driving traffic, and so forth. Specialists in the niche should have extensive knowledge of the industry, good digital literacy, and know as much as possible about the advertising niche. Therefore, they have to keep their knowledge up-to-date constantly. Whether you’re a skilled specialist in the industry or a novice, you will benefit from reading the top six marketing books that will expand your horizons.

Do you want to take a deep dive into the world of marketing and learn as much as possible? Here is a list of best marketing books books to expand your horizons in the field.

Stories That Stick by Kindra Hall

It is one of those marketing books that every content creation specialist has to read to succeed in the niche. It will help you become a top-notch writer who knows how to draw readers’ attention and force them to read further by keeping them engaged. Kindra Hall wrote the book. She is a skilled storyteller with vast experience in the niche. She knows how to create top-notch stories and deliver them to readers properly.

Kindra Hall reveals the secrets of professional storytelling in the book. Therefore, many marketers find it extremely helpful for gaining their skills and learning how to attract the readers’ attention. Besides, it can become a source of valuable information for learners who always have the question, “Who can do homework for me?” spinning in their minds. By following the recommendations from the book, they can learn how to compose papers that are interesting to read.


Fascinate by Sally Hogshead

Indeed, products and services have to bring real value to consumers to get sold. However, they also have to fascinate them. Sally Hogshead, the book’s author, reveals an answer to the questions of what makes some brands insanely popular. First, she focuses on how products have to be presented to draw potential buyers’ attention. Then, she teaches how to use the psychology of people to force them to buy more and stick to purchasing commodities of a particular brand only.


Marketing Rebellion by Mark W. Schaefer

These days, the world is developing at a high pace. Therefore, many people in the marketing industry and business owners experience a lot of different issues. They don’t know what they must do to keep their companies growing fast and overcome competitors. This book from Mark W. Schaefer pours the light on the best ways to tackle the new era’s challenges. Moreover, it helps entrepreneurs and marketers to understand how to use the new industry changes to benefit.

The author is a popular public speaker, business consultant, and writer. However, he focuses on marketing training for world-known companies like Johnson & Johnson, Dell, and others. He has extensive knowledge in the marketing niche, so many people follow the tips he shares in his book.


Contagious by Jonah Berger

It’s an undeniable fact that some ideas and products become trendy and viral extremely fast. Jonah Berger, the book’s author, decided to take a deep dive into this phenomenon and explore it in more detail. He took a deep dive to learn why some products become trendy while many others don’t. According to his research presented in the book, a particular science explores peer-to-peer connections and information sharing. By reading this book, you will discover the secret of trendy products and make new ones that will go viral. It is a great source of helpful information for business owners and marketers.


One Hour Content Plan by Meera Kothand

Content-plan creation is a changing task for most marketers. Usually, they have to invest a sustainable amount of time in analyzing trends and creating a list of publications that should be composed by writers. Meera Kothand is a marketing expert who has great experience in advertising online businesses. She decided to explore the problem and find a solution. Fortunately, she found a way to make the task less burdening and share all the outcomes in the book. It can help you discover a technique that helps you develop many creative ideas fast. Also, she shares helpful recommendations on how to sell products and make the content more engaging.


Purple Cow by Seth Godin

Purple Cow is considered one of the best marketing books and a classic all around the globe. It’s hard to find marketers who didn’t hear about this one. In his book, Seth Godin takes a deep dive into the problem of brand awareness. A lot of companies spend large parts of their budgets to make their brands recognized. They want them to associate with a particular product, impeccable quality, unique perks, etc. The author helps readers understand how different brands become recognizable and what entrepreneurs they get from them. By reading this book, you will discover how to make the brand stick in the mind of consumers and why it’s required to attain this goal for business owners.

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