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Why Is The Great Gatsby A Great Read? A Detailed Analysis of the Book

If you need a book to spark an informative discussion during your book clubs, you could try out The Great Gatsby. It is such an interesting read. The plot-line is so fascinating, however, with great attention being placed on each character. It, in turn, piques the reader’s interests and leaves them thirsting for more.

Reading a book takes time, and you might want to know beforehand if it will be a good read for you or not. For this, there are so many essays on The Great Gatsby that can give you analysis report on what the book is about. These essay examples would give you detailed analysis on The Great Gatsby, explain the plot, each character and cast, and their part in the entire storyline.



The Great Gatsby, written by F.Scott Fitzgerald and published in 1925 by Charles Scribner’s Sons, tells the story of Jay Gatsby, a self-made millionaire, and the continuous pursuit of Daisy Buchanan, a woman who he loved during his youth. Although the main plot is simplified, it encapsulates thought-provoking themes ranging from appearance vs. reality, social inequality, and yearning to relive the past. For these few reasons, respective of the date of publication and era, The Great Gatsby remains relevant in our society.

The Great Gatsby was written during the age of Jazz or the Roaring Twenties. The classical story vividly portrays post-war America, jazz music, free-flowing illegal liquor, and most importantly, the pessimistic examination of the American Dream. Although it did not sell many copies during the first publication, it could be perfectly described as a massive flop.

However, it was revived during World War II. It became one of the books selected to be shipped to the American soldiers during the war. By 1945, 155,000 copies had been shipped to the American soldiers.

This is because the story motivated and resonated with the young men fighting during World War II. Due to the massive audience and lovers of the books, it garnered the attention of literary critics. Not long after this breakthrough, The Great Gatsby was referred to as a classical story and accepted into the literary canon, with several documentaries and free essays and analysis showing a perfect retelling of the plot. Over the years, professors and literary critics have also given analysis of The Great Gatsby from different perspectives.


It Is One Of The Most Popular American Stories

Having explained the breakthrough and boundaries surpassed by The Great Gatsby, there is no doubt that it is one of the most popular American stories, irrespective of the era and date of publication. There are certain reasons why the book and essay appeal to young readers hence making it a good American story. The novel captures the essence of the American Dream.

Everyone loves a good self-success story; imagine the story of Mark Zuckerberg. Stories like this give hope and education to the younger generation because somehow, they love to believe all dreams are attainable. Basically, “if you work hard enough, you can succeed.” However, it also deconstructs the ideology through the demise of Jay Gatsby. Also, it portrays the romance of the 20th century and shows the importance of power, how corrupted and useful it could be.


Remains Relevant

Apart from being a great American story, it still retains its relevance as a modernist novel. Many literary critics and university professors often wonder why it has never lost its essence over the years. Due to the depth of ideas and wisdom embedded in the book, there is always a new perspective or angle whenever critiqued or taught.


Story About Crazy Love

An alluring point about The Great Gatsby book is the idea of love. From the simplified plot, one could imagine that love revolves around Jay Gatsby trying to win over the girl of his dreams. While, on the surface, the love Jay Gatsby had for Daisy Buchanan could be described as an obsession, something somewhat impure. Regardless of the wealth and riches made through gambling and bootlegging, his life still has dissatisfaction.

The author uses Daisy to represent the past; by portraying Daisy as Jay’s love interest, a woman he could not get before, we observe the same optimistic view towards life.

Irrespective of her being married, he still views her as an object, hoping that he can get the girl if he tries hard enough. This belief guarded his actions towards the whole novel, like buying a mansion just to see the girl.


Immortal Prose

Immortal prose that must be commended, The Great Gatsby is a novel that uses great style and techniques of writing. Apart from the literary critics and scholars, fans of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s work and book lovers have praised the work over the centuries.

Each character, scene, and statement play an important role in creating a good literary text. Literary and English students must learn Gatsby for this very purpose.



The book would forever remain one of the greatest American stories because it is extremely relatable to every college student and adult. Through the lens of each character, we can find a bit of ourselves. So next time you’re in a book club, try to read The Great Gatsby.

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